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ChMSSummit.com Online Conference To Help Pastors and Church Leaders Use Their Church Management Software To Grow Their Church In 2022


For thousands of pastors and church leaders, the New Year is being used as a milestone to move beyond recovery, and into a church growth mentality. ChurchCommunications.com is hosting an all-day event online to help pastors and church leaders learn how to better use technology to maximize their ministry efforts. Registration is free and available at ChMSsummit.com.

“The world around us is changing and ministry is evolving so quickly. It can be overwhelming to think about keeping up with the latest technology or reorganizing the way a church runs from week to week with both online and in-person activities scheduled day in and day out,” said Katie Allred, founder of ChurchCommunications.com

The Church Management Software (ChMS) platform used by staff and volunteers can either be a bottleneck, or a catalyst for growth, depending on how teams use it. Rather than viewing the ChMS platform as a confusing hang-up for workflows, what if church leaders were able to utilize it to actually reach more people and serve them more effectively? Learning how to utilize systems and processes more efficiently is an investment into the team, the volunteers, the church members, the community, and those within the church’s reach seeking connection. 

To help discover new ways of using a church management software platform, ChurchCommunications.com, which facilitates an online community with over 30,000 church leaders, is hosting the 2022 ChMSsummit.com. On January 19, 2022 attendees can learn how to help their teams get up-to-speed with any church management software platform. 

The Church Management Software Summit is a 100% online event filled with practical talks that will cover thought leadership, demonstrations, practitioner examples, and more. Topics of talks include:

  • The 5 Key Giving Metrics to Track Actual Growth at Your Church
  • How to Use Your ChMS for Powerful Post-Event Follow-Up
  • 3 Ways To Super-Charge Your ChMS to Effectively Engage Your Community
  • How To Automate the First Time Guest Experience
  • Why Creative Ministry is Essential for the Future of Church
  • Finding the Ideal ChMS Team Member
  • 3 Questions for Your Data Keeping a Clean Database
  • 5 Reports Church Staff Need but Rarely Get
  • The Future of ChMS and Digital Discipleship
  • Guide to Effective Email Communication
  • Beyond Sundays and Mobile Apps
  • How to Develop A Digital Strategy for Your Church
  • The Future of Your ChMS

Pastors and leaders are encouraged to attend with their entire team together since there is no cost to register and watch together on January 19.

“Church leaders need better methods and new ideas on how to run a church in 2022 and beyond. The ChMSsummit.com aims to support learning and development in this area at such a unique and critical time during most pastors’ tenure,” said Kenny Jahng, Chief Innovation Officer at ChurchCommunications.com.

Registration options and more details are available at ChMSsummit.com.

The Church Management Software Summit is made possible by several partnering organizations including: CDF Capital, Communitas Technologies, ChurchTechToday.com, Checkr, Servant Keeper by Faithlife, Pushpay, Ministry Nerds, and PCO Guru. 

ChurchCommunications.com helps church leaders to effectively communicate with their congregation and community. Over 30,000 church workers are members of the Church Communications Facebook Group community.



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