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3 Innovative Ways to Build Generosity Into Your Church’s DNA


Help the biblical principle of generosity become part of your church’s DNA by identifying ways to build generosity and not let it be ignored.

You’ll find the term “DNA” often used to describe the make-up of a church and the intentional laying of good foundations so that it runs smoothly and according to God’s instruction. If this concept is tricky to grasp, all you have to consider is what role DNA plays in our bodies. 

Every cell in your body has a DNA molecule that contains a code with instructions for everything of consequence. And your body behaves according to the instructions given by your DNA. In the same way, your church has its own DNA blueprint, which is largely dependent on how leaders have laid the church’s foundations, and what they have placed at the heart, or core, of your church.

Generosity is one of the most important elements that should be part of your church’s DNA. This is primarily because generosity is at the heart of the gospel. God’s generous love —  demonstrated supremely by Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross — should compel us to act generously toward others. 

Generosity is vital, and so you should take great care in making sure that it runs through your church’s veins — a concept that is considered and acted upon without hesitation because it is imprinted on the DNA of your church. If you have generosity at the heart of your church, you shouldn’t need to nag your people to give.

To give you a kickstart, we have a list of some ways you can build generosity in your church so that it becomes part of your church DNA. 

Biblical generosity should run through your church’s veins and be acted upon without hesitation. Preach on generosity (at least) annually, learn about it in small groups, and make giving easy with digital solutions. Click To Tweet

3 Innovative Ways to Build Generosity Into Your Church’s DNA

1. Preach on generosity (at least) annually

Not everyone understands the biblical foundations of generosity. And for many, the only way they will learn about these foundations is from the teaching they receive from your pulpit. 

It can be easy to think of generosity as being synonymous with church finances. But generosity is about a whole lot more than number-crunching. It is about aligning your congregation’s heart with the heart of Jesus. Your people should walk away with a greater understanding of what the bible says about generosity and managing money, not feeling like they’re being asked to fill the church coffers.

Consider planning two sermon series each year about generosity. It’s a good idea to do this annually, to refresh the memories of everyone and reestablish how vital generosity is. The first series can be centered around financial management built on biblical teaching about how to be generous with money. The second series can be about generosity more broadly, incorporating ideas around corporate generosity.

There are two important factors to remember when planning to preach on generosity:

1. To build generosity, provide examples.

It’s important for you to bridge the mental gap between biblical examples, and what life looks like today. Make sure to explain what it looks like for a Christ-follower today to live out the principles of generosity that you will be preaching about. 

If possible, include real-life testimonies of people who have grown in generosity and those who have been the recipients of it. This will certainly help bring your teaching to life.

2. Consider your congregation’s diversity.

The diversity of your testimonies and examples must match your congregation’s diversity and that of your community. It’ll be of little use if you choose illustrations that do not reflect the day-to-day lives of your people. Also, focus on socioeconomic diversity, so your congregation learns that generosity is something anyone can practice, regardless of income. 

2. Offer regular small group studies related to generosity

Understanding generosity and having it settle into the hearts of your people and church is often a lengthy process. For some, it requires deep discussions around how principles and practices must change so that generosity is a priority rather than an after-thought.

This is why your church should offer regular small group studies related to generosity. Encourage your small groups to teach generosity at the same time church leaders are preaching it from the pulpit. 

Something to keep in mind is the possibility of increased requests for counseling. People may come face to face with debt for the first time and will need to speak with long-time trained, generous church members who will provide financial counseling during your churchwide focus on generosity. 

Preaching on generosity may mean increased requests for counseling as people come face to face with debt for the first time. Ensure you have trained church members who will provide financial counseling. Click To Tweet

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3. Build generosity by making giving easy through technology

You’ve tackled the topics of generosity from the pulpit and you’ve encouraged your small groups to discuss it. At this point, your people may be feeling a little weathered.

As we know, technology makes managing our money far easier these days. We pay our bills, buy groceries, and make travel arrangements from our smartphones. So, why not make giving easier for your people by providing digital giving solutions? It’s a great idea to provide opportunities for your people to give quickly wherever (and whenever) God inspires them to do so.


Whatever digital giving solution you have, ensure you have a top-notch mobile option. Blend your digital options into your weekly “giving moment” at your church by telling and showing people how to give on their mobile devices during the worship service.

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These three ways of making generosity part of your church’s DNA are part of a more extensive list. These are great places to start if you know your church needs to see its DNA change.  As your people begin to discover the joy of giving, you’ll be able to embrace the future into which God has called your church.

To get more helpful tips that will transform your church’s culture and promote generosity, download 7 Indispensable Ways to Build Generosity.

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