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5 Ways to Use Church Check-in Beyond Kid’s Ministry


A check-in system is a great tool for churches to monitor children’s ministries and keep kids safe. It’s quick and easy for parents to check their toddlers into the nursery, receive a security code, then just return with that number after the service to pick up their children.

But while these check-in systems were designed with child safety in mind, churches can take advantage of this intuitive technology throughout their ministries to streamline more than just nursery check-in.

Consider expanding your church’s use of its check-in system to incorporate the following:

1) Special Event Attendance

When hosting a conference, concert, or other special event, you likely have your people register ahead of time. You can use the check-in system to monitor who is actually showing up to those events and serve as a ticketing system. If registration is not required for an event, it’s also important to know and keep record of who is actively attending your events.

Keep the system branded to your church or the specific event to maintain consistency.

Set up with a label maker, check-in systems can print our nametags for your participants—much better than scribbling names onto a “Hello my name is” sticker with a Sharpie.

2) Follow-Up Communications After Events

If your attendees are checking in at the door of your event, it’s easier to communicate with them again after the event is over. When your system is directly integrated with your church database, you can quickly shoot them a follow-up email later that week.

Whether it’s a html email sent to attendees thanking them for coming or an invitation to part 2 of the series, having a solid record of who attended makes that follow-up communication a simple process.

3) Volunteer Involvement

It’s important to keep track of your volunteers within different ministries so you know who to reach out to when your church has a need. You can have all volunteers check in when they arrive to an event within seconds.

An important aspect of keeping your volunteers engaged and happy to stay involved is encouraging and thanking them for their participation. With a system that allows volunteers to check in and tracks their involvement, easily recognize their servant hearts with a thank you email or note of appreciation.

4) Church Attendance

If you’re using a check-in system to keep record of children in your facility, why not use that same system to track the attendance of adults?

It can be challenging to get your people to begin checking into weekly classes and services, but it can also be rewarding and save your staff a lot of time manually entering attendance records each week.

People checking in the moment they walk in the door is also much less disruptive than passing the attendance form down the aisle during worship and faster than having a greeter stand by with clipboard trying to take note of every person to walk into the auditorium.

Make it quick and easy—allow them to check in with a password, barcode, or even a fingerprint.

5) Check in for Multiple People or Multiple Classes in Seconds

Mom can check herself and Dad into the worship service and the kids into youth group and nursery—all within a few seconds.

And you can schedule the events according to a person’s age/gender/etc. to make the event exclusively available to them at check-in. So if someone forgot about the business meeting after the service or a volunteer opportunity they signed up for, he will be reminded when he checks into the service.

Connectivity is always a critical aspect of special events and obscure locations. Some solutions will allow your attendees to check in even when the internet connection goes down—so you don’t have to dig out the pen and notepad, only to later manually enter information to your connected database.

When fully integrated with a ChMS database, your church check-in system can become much more than child’s play. These are just a few of the ways you can creatively incorporate a check-in system

How has check-in spilled over into other ministries besides KidMin at your church?



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