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Why Apple Users Need To Update Their Devices Right Now: Emergency Patch For Security Flaw


Apple has issued an emergency set of updates to its family of iDevices following a critical zero-click security flaw.  The company is concerned about data theft and espionage, which is why they’re taking this step to protect their customers. This information comes after it was revealed that there was a bug in in the operating system code that could allow someone to your Mac without your password or Apple ID to gain administrator privileges and potentially steal sensitive data from your computer. All device owners are urged to update their Macs, Apple Watches, iPhones and iPad immediately.

ABC News: Apple releases emergency software update

CBS News: Apple issues urgent iPhone software update to patch apparent security flaw

USA Today Tech: Apple issues emergency software update after security flaw leaves iPhones, iPads at risk



How to update your Mac

You can update your Mac by going through the steps starting with the Apple Menu Icon / System Preferences / Update


How to update your iPhone or iPad


How to update your Apple Watch

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