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7 Reasons Churches Should Use Alexa Flash Briefings


Alexa Flash Briefings are taking church communication to a whole new level.

Flash briefings are an Alexa skill that comes built-in to Amazon smart speakers. A user can customize their device to get flash briefings with personalized news stories, weather reports, and updates from their favorite websites.

Did you know that you can create your own flash briefings? As a church, this can be a powerful tool.

Imagine using briefings to notify a group of important information or to simply invite listeners to a focused time together every day. It can be a meaningful time to “gather” without distractions from social media and other media forms.

Now, envision that functionality personalized to update members of a church community with messages and encouragement from the leadership. Actually, it’s already happening. Keep reading and we’ll explore the ways it can be used.

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What’s the Difference Between Alexa and Echo?

Amazon Alexa, commonly referred to simply as Alexa, is a virtual assistant AI technology. This groundbreaking VA was developed by Amazon and initially used in the Amazon Echo smart speakers. In short, Alexa is the soul and Echo is the body.

Now, users enjoy numerous functions of the Alexa device, including voice interaction, music playback, to-do list creation, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, playing audiobooks, and providing weather, traffic, sports, and other real-time information, such as news.

As for Alexa Flash Briefings, users tailor their briefings based on interest and necessity, which is where a church-centered briefing could be used to connect and unify your community.

How myChurchDaily Makes Alexa Flash Briefings Easy

myChurchDaily.com gives churches the ability to upload a short audio file to Amazon’s Alexa device for their daily Flash Briefing.  The nice thing about using myChurchDaily.com is its simplicity. In just a couple of minutes, you can make an account, upload a short audio file, (no longer than 5 minutes), and let everyone in your congregation add their church to their own Flash Briefing. You can stay connected to your people daily.

There are well over 100 million Alexa devices that have been purchased to date. If you need to know more about what Alexa is, click here.  Your church should be on Amazon Alexa now!

7 Reasons Churches Should Use Alexa Flash Briefings

1. Efficiency

Statistics are showing that Amazon Echo and Alexa are used by almost 70% of the smart speaker owners in the US, which covers more than 30% of US households. With those numbers, there’s a good chance you’ll connect with your attendees with Alexa Flash Briefings. 

2. Connection Point

It’s like a mass voicemail! Here are just a few ideas:

  • Remind the group about important events happening at the church.
  • Communicate about building projects, missionary adventures, or congregant updates.
  • Share prayer requests and answers.
  • Simply touch base mid-week and give a short report to the listeners.

Make sure to keep the information shareable since, by the nature of the Amazon Echo device, anyone could walk into the room and hear the Alexa Flash Briefing.

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3. Reinforce Teaching

Take the spiritual direction beyond Sunday sermons when you reinforce the teaching by pointing listeners back to the lesson with a verse and short devotional message.

Most pastors have more content than they do time. Encourage the pastor to add those extras and expound upon the main meal: the Sunday teaching.

4. Deepen Faith

Using Alexa Flash Briefings to connect with listeners on a spiritual level will strengthen their walk with the Lord every day. Whether it’s members of the leadership team recording short messages or staff members highlighting a verse for the day, the briefings can be a personalized substitute for the many audio devotional options available online. 

5. Easy Updates

What an easy way to inform members in a personal way regarding upcoming events. This would be especially helpful when there’s a change in the event calendar and you need to notify the church.

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6. Grow Your Ministry

Imagine you have a family member who’s interested in your church but hasn’t committed. This is an easy, non-committal way for people to introduce your church to their friends and family. Direct interested parties to a day when the Alexa Flash Briefing contains a short lesson or devotional from your pastor.

7. Easy and Inexpensive 

In fact, you can start a free trial with no obligation here to try myChurchDaily. 

Alexa Flash Briefings can take church communication to a whole new level. When you create connection points beyond Sundays, you’re creating teachable moments that will deepen faith and build community. Try it out with a focused group of individuals from your congregation and start the process of efficient, inexpensive Alexa-based communication.

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Have you started using Alexa Flash Briefings? We’d love to hear from you and know what you think of this technology!

Leave a comment below and share your experience.



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