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9 Apps for the Pulpit


A pastor’s role includes a wide array of responsibilities in addition to preaching. One way to help lighten the load is by leveraging sermon apps. These tools can make developing and delivering a message a bit easier. Here are several sermon apps to consider if you decide to use a mobile device while developing and preaching your messages.

#1 – Podium Timer

If you need help keeping track of how long you’re preaching, this simple app can help. With large numbers (easy to quickly glance at during your message) and the ability to time each section of your sermon, this iPad or iPhone app can help you stay on schedule.

Cost: $3.99

#2 – GoodReader

If you prefer to preach from your iPad, GoodReader is a helpful PDF reader for your sermon text. Simply export your sermon notes from your word processor (Word, Pages, or other) and open them in GoodReader. You can also add highlights to a PDF if desired. By working from a PDF instead of the word processor version, you won’t accidentally delete part of a sermon while on stage. Additionally, GoodReader includes file management features so you can retain PDFs of messages filed by date, sermon series, or other categories.

Cost: $5.99

#3 – Sermonary

This is a sermon builder application that includes a “podium mode” so you can preach from your tablet or smartphone. Sermonary includes templates and sermon illustrations to help you jumpstart the sermon preparation process. Within Sermonary, you can also jot down notes within the app while on-the-go, then drag and drop them into your message as needed.

Cost: $19/monthly or $199/annually

#4 – PromptSmart

This app turns your mobile device into a teleprompter that automatically scrolls the text using speech recognition technology. Instead of hoping you don’t lose your place in your sermon notes, you can rely on Prompt Smart to follow along as you preach.

Cost: Free (Promptsmart Lite) or $19.99 for PromptSmart Pro

#5 – Proclaim Remote

This application includes features that work with the Proclaim Church Presentation Software. However, you can look into other presentation software mobile applications to help if you do not use Proclaim for your church. This solution is perfect for the pastor who wants to control when slides transition on the projector or for smaller churches that don’t have a church technology team. Note: You will need to have an Internet connection for a smooth and responsive presentation.

Cost: Free

#6 – YouVersion

YouVersion is an excellent app for accessing various translations of the Bible, finding a Bible reading plan, or even progressing through a devotional. With the YouVersion app, you can quickly read passages of Scripture during a sermon and encourage your congregation with a recommended reading plan or devotional.

Cost: Free

#7 – Logos Bible Software

If you’re a Logos customer already, you can use this app to access your library from your mobile devices. Those who don’t have a Logos package can still use the Logos app to access Logos 8 Basic, which includes some Bible study books and tools.

Cost: Free

#8 – Evernote

Many pastors use a tool like Evernote to collect sermon ideas, illustrations, and jot down basic notes. You can use this app to curate videos, notes, statistics, verses, and more as you develop a message. From there, you can use Evernote’s tagging functionality to customize your own cataloging system. Once you’ve finished writing a sermon, you can pull up the message from your iPad and preach from it at the pulpit.

Cost: Free (Basic Plan) or $7.99/month (Premium Plan)

#9 – Apple Notes

If you’re already an Apple user, Apple Notes is a good alternative to Evernote. You can create a list of sermon ideas or illustrations, add attachments to notes, and add photos or videos to a note. You can also organize notes into folders to keep track of a sermon series, topic, or other categories.

Cost: Free (included with iOS)

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