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8 Most Affordable Church App Providers


Have you thought about using a dedicated church app to share sermon audio, video, and notes, to accept event sign-ups and offer a way for people to give digitally right from their pockets? Church leaders shouldn't overpay for a church app. For that reason, we're ranking this list of church app providers by affordability.

The list below will go from least expensive to the most expensive. The apps are compared by the total cost for the first year of use. In many cases, there's a base cost and a higher cost for more advanced features adding giving, texting, and more.

We listed the top 8 church app providers in a previous article. There aren't that many church app providers, which is why the two lists look similar. Check out that list to get more information about the app. Here we'll give the highlights and focus on price. However, pricing isn't the only factor your church should take into consideration in making the choice so make sure to carefully review all of the apps on this list.


Here are the eight most affordable church app providers in order from least expensive to most expensive. You can click on any of the hyperlinks below to jump down to that company’s review:

#1 – Custom Church Apps

custom church apps examples

Custom Church Apps gives users a 30-day free trial and then offers the most affordable church app by far costing only $359.40 ($29.95/month) for the first year. To get more advanced features like forms for guest sign-in, new members information, and prayer requests they charge $719.40 ($59.95/month) with no setup fee.

Custom Church Apps offers a simple set up process where the user answers some questions to get things going. People who need hand-holding to get going can for a fee, but you'll need to contact the company.

Users of Faithlife's Proclaim worship software can integrate into the service. Users can follow the worship presentation o their phone.

Other features include online giving, note taking integration, podcasts for sermons or other media, digital Bible integration, an online store for music, and more.

#2 – MinistryOne

MinistryOne either comes in as the cheapest solution or the second cheapest solution depending on whether you subscribe to the service as a stand-alone product or use it along with one of the company's sisters solutions, which include the following:

By itself, MinistryOne costs $468 for the first year ($39/month) making it the second cheapest solution. However, if you use one of the above-listed services, the MinistryOne church app is free. That would make it number one on this list. We put it here at number two since many readers might use another service and would not want to switch to save $468/year.

Here's what you get for the MinistryOne church app provider:

  • Built-in digital giving
  • Custom design
  • Sermons
  • Prayer requests
  • Calendar
  • Event registration
  • Integration with a lot of other church services
  • Integration with YouTube or Vimeo

#3 – Church Apps church apps

The second least expensive solution by a few dollars for the first year of use comes from, a digital giving solution that also adds church app services. To use them for church apps plus online giving will cost $857 that first year ($59). They charge a $149 setup fee. If you want to use all of their services (giving, church membership management, and the app) it will cost $99/month plus the setup fee.

Some of the standout features include:

  • Custom branding for your church
  • An in-app media player for sermons, podcasts, and videos
  • Interactive sermon notes
  • A built-in Bible
  • Prayer requests for the church community
  • Push notifications
  • Announcements
  • Giving within the app

#4 – Sharefaith

sharefaith app builder

Sharefaith offers a comprehensive collection of services for a relatively low price of $864/year or $80/month. They offer a nice app builder.

In addition to a church app, subscribers will get a website builder with free migration services to switch your site over to their service. They also add media for use in your worship services and a plug-in that integrates with the Windows version of PowerPoint so you can build presentations inside PowerPoint adding Bible verses, lyrics and media from inside PowerPoint for Windows. I've subscribed to their media service for many years and really like it.

Churches that collect over $1,000 in their first 90 days will get a $240 credit to pay for subscription fees. That's like getting three months free just for using the service.

#5 – Go Church App

go church app web builder

Go Church App has a decent price at $948 plus a one-time setup fee. I reached out to the company to discover the cost of this setup fee and did not get a response, which troubles me. So, take that into account before you sign up. Also, they used to let you sign up without giving them a credit card, but that's no longer true.

For your $1,000+ price, you get a church app that includes a nice app builder. In our roundup of church app providers, this one stood out as one of the best thanks to the nice on-boarding process. They offer…

  • Push notifications for things like announcements and closures
  • Integration with both Google and Facebook calendars
  • Integration with your own third-party giving service
  • Integrating your YouTube channel for streaming
  • Built-in guest forms and event sign ups
  • Discussion forums
  • Photo galleries
  • Integration with YouVersion Bible app

#6 – Aware3

aware3 chruch app

The basic Aware3 church app service costs $1,188 for the first year ($99/month). Churches can add extra services as follows:

  • $19 for live polling in the app during worship or other times
  • $29 for digital giving online and in the app
  • $39 for in-app chat services
  • $59 for text messaging through the app/service

The Aware3 church app includes calendars, interactive sermon notes, push notifications, and videos.

#7 – Subsplash


Subsplash, which created the very first church app in 2009, offers best-in-class church engagement tools with multiple plans to serve churches and ministries of all sizes. Subsplash app packages start at $99/month ($1,200 per year), plus a one-time $499 setup fee.

As part of their Ultimate Engagement Platform™, Subsplash’s base package includes an all-in-one suite of tools, including custom mobile apps, media hosting and streaming, digital giving (with no monthly fee), and a website builder.

The advanced packages contain even more features, such as in-app messaging, live streaming, custom Roku and Apple TV apps, API access for developers, and more.

Additional functionality included in all app packages:

  • In-app media delivery platform with sermon player
  • Group/segmented push notifications
  • Calendars and recurring events
  • Media storage (1 TB)
  • Live streaming add-on
  • Integrated Bible with audio
  • Sermon notes
  • Custom website forms
  • Google Chromecast and Apple Airplay for casting to TVs
  • Podcasts and audio downloads for offline listening

Every Subsplash client receives a dedicated Client Success Manager, with technical support offered seven days a week.

#8 – PushPay

PushPay comes in as one of the most expensive solutions at $200/month or $2,400 for the first year. The app includes custom branding and simple giving through the app. Members can register for events and pay for them. New members or guests can sign in.

The geo-specific messaging feature lets the staff set up a notification based on location. When a member drives by the church the app will push them a notice inviting them to stop by during office hours.

PushPay works with a large selection of third-party services like Planning Center, Quickbooks, Church Community Builder, and more.

Kevin Purcell
Kevin Purcell
Dr. Kevin Purcell is a pastor, writer, and tech enthusiast. He serves High Peak Baptist Church as pastor. He is passionate about digital Bible study and enjoys helping others delve into God's Word using tech tools. Kevin is married to Barb, an elementary school teacher, and is father to two college-age sons. Pastor Kevin blogs at


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