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7 Integrated Online Forms Your Church Should Be Using This Summer


As people sign up for the next event or service opportunity, sign-up sheets, clipboards, and sticky notes are passed around churches haphazardly. But you don’t need this paper trail to know who’s coming to the next conference or volunteering for the upcoming VBS. With integrated online forms, your church can collect all the information you need in a way that’s convenient for your church community.

Here are a few ways your church can save time with forms on your website this summer:

1) VBS Sign-up

Allow parents to register their kids for your VBS in advance to minimize day-of registrations and simplify the check-in process . An online form can collect all the information you need and provide some much-needed relief for your VBS team.

2) Prayer Requests

People have prayer requests to share with pastors or the entire church community, but they might not make it to your Sunday morning service to share them. Make it easy for them to quickly spread the word from a simple form on your website.

3) Volunteer Sign-up

With VBS, camps, and other special programs this summer, your church will be recruiting plenty of volunteers. Rather than directing ministry leaders to compete for help and send around spreadsheets, encourage your church community to visit your website and sign up for the service opportunities they’re interested in.

4) Event Registration and Payment

Allow people to quickly register for your summer retreat without scribbling down their information on a sign-up sheets in the lobby. But don’t stop at registration! Make it easy for people pay online for those events that have an associated cost, too.

5) Small Group Sign-up

Summer can be a busy time of year for most families, but your church still wants to keep the momentum going during this busy time of year. Online small group sign-ups through a basic form will keep people connected even amid vacations.

6) Ministry Assessments

Does your church utilize personality assessments or spiritual gift tests? Incorporate these into your church website through custom forms so people can complete them at their convenience.

7) Mailing Lists

That new family in your church might want to stay in the loop and receive your church newsletter or get updates on the kids ministry. Use integrated online forms so they can add themselves to the mailing lists they want to join.

By integrating these forms with your ChMS (Church Management System), the information will automatically appear in your database, saving your staff hours. And who couldn’t use some extra time out in the sun this summer?

Elexio just launched a custom web form designer as part of our ChMS database. The easy-to-use drag and drop tool allows you to create integrated forms and more to keep your church community connected. It allows people to register for events and can even accept partial payments, scaled pricing, and volume discounts. Visit our website to learn more!

How is your church utilizing integrated online forms to lessen the workload and stay organized?


Emily Kantner
Emily Kantnerhttp://www.elexio.com
Emily is a Christ-follower, sports fanatic, classic literature junkie, and huntress. She works as the Content Marketing & Communications Specialist Elexio Church Software.



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