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7 Content Ideas for Your Church LED Video Wall


LED video walls are increasing in popularity in House of Worship settings due to their ability to engage congregations with dynamic and visually appealing content. Whether you already own an LED screen for your church or are considering purchasing one, there are many different forms of content to use before, during, and after church services.

Here are seven popular content applications to consider using at your church:

#1 – Song Lyrics

Rather than having a dull book of song lyrics, display the lyrics on-screen in a karaoke-style format. Get your audience moving and encourage them to sing along with dynamic lyric graphics.

#2 – Bible Verses

Spread the Word with appealing bible verse slides. You can use your church presentation software to generate the graphics or design them yourself. Here are some options for Sermon Graphics for all 66 Books of the Bible.

#3 – Camera Feeds

Zoom in on the action to make sure those in faraway rows never miss a beat. Camera feeds to video screens are also referred to as IMAG, short for image magnification. They can help connect those worshipers further away from the stage to the presenter and can also help those who may be hard of hearing to read lips.

#4 – Simulcasting

Simulcasting allows you to live stream your service over the Internet. Expand your reach to a wider audience, including members of your congregation who are not fortunate enough to attend your service in person such as the sick, elderly, or disabled.

In the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic, simulcasting has become even more relevant. Many church directors are moving their services to the parking lot with an outdoor popup LED screen displaying a simulcasted feed.

For a live streaming system, you will need a broadband connection, camera and microphone, and a streaming computer with encoding software or hardware. From there you can choose what platform to stream it to and what your audience will be. You may stream to the public or to a private audience.

#5 – Messaging and Signage

Get your message across. Display welcome signage, messaging, branding, scheduling, calls to action, and more.

#6 – Sermon Points

Display sermon bullet points on the screen as a reference for your pastor and to keep your congregation in the loop with key takeaways.

#7 – Visuals and Animations

Display motion graphics to create visually immersive experiences. Motion graphics can be used to supplement your production as placeholders, text underlays, or for live performances.

The Bottom Line

LED displays are becoming an increasingly popular way to engage and entertain congregations. The main advantage with video walls is their ability to give everyone in attendance a front-row view with dynamic content. With advanced media software and hardware, the sky’s the limit with what you can display and the audience that you can reach. Keep these seven content ideas in mind when planning your next production and you will be sure to have a lasting impact on your congregation.

Ryan Meighan
Ryan Meighan
Ryan Meighan is Director of Marketing for Insane Impact, a leading national provider of LED screens. You can view more of his work and learn about LED solutions by visiting their website at


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