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5 Basic Live Streaming Tips For Better Presentations And Viewing Experiences


Every production team has their own live streaming tips. Whether you are doing it for your church services on Sundays, as part of an event during the week, there are some things you should know about this technology before going live.

In the age of social media, going “live” has become a staple of how we communicate online. Whether it’s church online, Facebook Live, or YouTube Live, live feeds are a powerful tool and we should know how to use them well.

With just a couple of adjustments on the production side, most video experiences can be improved tremendously for the viewers. This blog post will cover 5 tips that will help you create better presentations on your live stream.


Tip #1: Make Lens Contact

An effective way to connect is to look at the camera instead of looking at the screen. In fact, many times people don’t even realize that they’re not making eye contact with you during a live stream. This also gives a more natural tone to your voice and makes you seem less distracted by what’s going on in front of you. It also delivers better audio quality.

Engage effectively with your live stream audience by looking at the camera and not the screen. As a bonus, it will also minimize distractions and deliver better audio quality. Click To Tweet

Tip #2: Use Slides Throughout Your Live Stream

Include slides throughout your live stream and in the footer of your live stream church service as you present.

Using slideshows is a great way to make sure your information will be seen by an audience. It’s especially effective when you’re doing live streaming and don’t have the option of talking to the viewers individually. Many church media platforms like Faithlife’s Proclaim software lets you do it directly from the application.

Tip #3: Don’t Do It Alone

Get someone to monitor your live stream so you can focus on communicating and engaging your audience.

One of the best things you can do as a live streamer is to have someone monitor your feed. It also keeps people from spamming and saying offensive or inappropriate things that could get you in trouble with your other viewers. As they say, it’s #bettertogether.


Tip #4: Let There Be Light

Make sure you’re well lit and test your lighting before you live stream.

For the best lighting, it’s important to use natural lighting. To mimic daylight, open your curtains and turn on a lamp for soft light on your face. Experienced live streamers use softboxes to light their faces, and they’ll move around the room so that their face is lit from multiple angles. Test your lighting before you start streaming live.

Test your lighting before you being live streaming. Aim for soft light that mimics daylight, using a lamp or a softbox to light your face. Experienced live streamers move around the room for multiple angles and effects. Click To Tweet

Tip #5: Simplicity Wins

Clear distractions from your background.

Make your videos eye-catching by keeping the background simple. You want the focus on you, not your walls, shelves, or clutter behind you. You can use an accent item to add some color, but it’s best to use the rule: less is more.

For more practical tips from Faithlife, check out this article, 9 Tips for a Captivating Church Live Stream.

What tips should we add to the list for the perfect live stream experience?



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