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5 Steps to Building Your Church Bulletin in YouVersion Bible App


The hugely popular YouVersion Bible app was created to put the Bible in everyone’s hands via their smartphones and handheld devices. Today, the app has multiple features that make engaging and interacting with church members during services easy and fun. This free app is the #1 downloaded Bible app online and has been installed on over 300 million devices. People love it and use it daily because it easily keeps the Bible in the palm of their hands, is available in thousands of languages, and offers many valuable ways to connect with the Word of God on a daily basis.

An App That Compliments

Churches are learning to use the Bible app in new ways that complement their existing communication strategies or to revamp them altogether. With its mass appeal and zero cost, it’s no surprise! One feature that’s getting a lot of attention is “Events.”

YouVersion Events has a wide array of helpful tools, including announcements, notes, embedded forms, images, and more. When a church uses the app to creates an Event for an upcoming service, that event listing can actually double as the service bulletin itself. How does that work?

Church Events and Church Bulletins

Each Event within that app can contain information about the church, its location (including maps), and content that will be used during the service itself (scripture, announcements, etc). Attendees can also take notes during the church service and access additional content pastors may be discussing right from the app on their smartphone or tablet. Plus, the app is conveniently searchable so users can search for ‘Events near me’ to find churches and event information (aka service bulletins) within the app and see what’s on the agenda at the next church service. For church shoppers, this is a convenient way to research and learn more about potential churches to visit.

Churches have the freedom to use the Bible app and Events feature with their existing communications and print bulletins or use the Event feature exclusively to create a new virtual bulletin.

Here are five steps build your next event and church bulletin in the YouVersion Bible app:

Step #1

Login to the Bible app and click “New Event.”

Step #2

Add the Event details, including church name, location, time and date of your service. Once all details of the Event (ie your service) have been added, click ‘Save.’

Step #3

Add content to your Event by clicking “Content” to access features like scriptures, images, plans, announcements, etc. Content can also be conveniently re-ordered to accommodate service designs.

Step #4

Once all content has been inserted, click “Preview” to review the Event content and make necessary edits. The preview feature also shows what the event announcement will look like on mobile devices and what time the event will be live within the app.

Step #5

After reviewing and editing your Event, click “Publish” to publish your event within the app. Now all users within the Bible app can view your event content.

Once your Event is posted, the URL is also created for your event so you can share the link across all media platforms for your church. It’s as easy as that. And events can be duplicated within the app so you don’t have to start from scratch each week. Super convenient.

Now that your Event is published, when users log into their Bible app and click “Events” they will see all of the events that are closest to them (using the mapping feature) and your church’s event could be shown there too. Events are also searchable by location.

Since this app is free and paperless, churches that want to ‘go green’ or church plants or smaller churches that do not publish a bulletin can easily use it to enhance their worship services, events or classes. This app makes your church visible to the surrounding community using the app – all with no paper and zero cost.

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Elsa Dooling
Elsa Dooling
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