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Top 24 Audio Bible Podcasts For You To Follow In 2021


If you’re an avid podcast listener, you know there’s pretty much a podcast for every topic under the sun. Thankfully, if you’re constantly on the go, you can still spend time in the Word with a variety of audio Bible podcasts options.

We’ve curated our top 24 podcasts where hosts read Scripture using different translations, reading plans, and for different lengths of time. These audio Bible podcasts provide thoughtful insights on the Scriptures and reading plans for you to follow.

There is something here for everyone. Select which podcast works best for you and use that commute or daily walk to get in God’s Word.

Audio Bible podcasts give unique insights and thoughtful perspectives on daily Scripture readings. With varied translations, reading plans and lengths, there's a plan for everyone. We've curated our top 24.  Click To Tweet

#1 – Bible Stories Podcast

Bible Stories Podcast

Todd and Matt feature a new Bible story each week on The Bible Stories podcast.

#2 – The Bible in a Year (with Fr. Mike Schmitz)

The Bible in a Year (with Fr. Mike Schmitz)

In this audio Bible podcast, Fr. Mike Schmitz takes listeners through the entire Bible in 365 episodes. The Great Adventure Bible Timeline inspires the reading plan. This podcast does include some commentary as well.

#3 – Every Day Bible Podcast

Every Day Bible Podcast

Listen to Scripture readings from the Revised Common Lectionary along with a short devotional and prayer. This is a quick way to get into the Word consistently at ten minutes or less per episode.

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#4 – 10 Minutes With the Sword

This podcast is a tool to help you memorize Scripture. Each week, you can listen to a new passage read several times to assist in memorization.

#5 – One Minute With the Bible

One Minute With the Bible

In these podcast episodes, you’ll listen to passages from the Christian Standard Bible. As the title indicates, each episode is a minute long.

#6 – Holy Bible in 1 Year

Holy Bible in 1 Year

Listen to a dramatized Easy-To-Read (ERV) version of the Bible read by Master Storyteller Michael Wood, M.Ed., M.S.

#7 = Bible in a Year

Bible in a Year

Daily Scripture readings from the Old and New Testament combined will help you “read” the Bible within 365 episodes.

#8 – Commuter Bible

Commuter Bible

Spend time in the Word during your daily commute or workout routine. You can select the listening plan that works best for your schedule and reading goals.

#9 – Two-Minute Bible

Two-Minute Bible

This podcast is a daily reading of Bible stories from Genesis to Revelation.

#10 – Bible in Your Ear

Bible in Your Ear

Hosted by Olive Tree Bible Software, this podcast includes 365 readings of the whole Bible. Each episode lasts 15 minutes or less.

#11 – Daily Orthodox Scriptures

Daily Orthodox Scriptures

Fr. Alexis Kouri uses the Orthodox Study Bible to read passages each day to journey through the Bible within a year.

#12 – 7-Minute Daily Bible Study

7-Minute Daily Bible Study

You’ll hear the New Testament (ESV) within a year from daily readings in this podcast. Each episode is seven minutes or less with no commentary or sermon.

#13 – One Year Bible Podcast

One Year Bible Podcast

Within 20 minutes or less per day, this podcast takes you through the entire Bible within a year. These episodes include a mixture of passages from the Old and New Testament in each.

#14 – Daily Bible Reading Podcast

Daily Bible Reading Podcast

Use this podcast to listen to the full Bible in 365 episodes (each one is 20 minutes or less).

#15 – Chapter-A-Day Audio Bible

Chapter-A-Day Audio Bible

Pastor John Stange reads a chapter from Scripture in each podcast episode.

#16 – 1 Year Daily Audio Bible Chronological

1 Year Daily Audio Bible Chronological

Listen to the Bible in chronological order with this daily podcast.

#17 – Daily Radio Bible

Daily Radio Bible

This daily podcast includes Scripture passages from the New Living Translation read by Hunter Barnes. Listening to this podcast will help you read through the Bible in a year.

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#18 – Youth Bible in One Year

Youth Bible in One Year

This podcast includes a condensed reading plan for young people designed by Nicky and Pippa Gumbel.

#19 – Daily Bible Reading from VCY

 Daily Bible Reading from VCY

Using the English Authorized (King James) version, VCY America Radio Pastor Brad Canterbury reads Scripture in 9-14 minute episodes.

#20 – Bible Reading: Christian Students on Campus

Bible Reading Christian Students on Campus

With this podcast, you can listen through the New Testament within a year.

#21 – Bible in a Year: Catholic Bytes

Bible in a Year Catholic Bytes

Catholic Bytes and Baronius Press offer this podcast to help you listen to the Bible in a year. Each episode is about 20 minutes long.

#22 – Daily Bible Reading 

Daily Bible Reading

Using the World English Bible, this outreach of the North End Church of Christ in Ashland, Ohio, takes you through Scripture one chapter at a time.

# 23 – Through the Bible in a Year

Through the Bible in a Year

This daily podcast from Family Radio takes listeners through Scripture in chronological order.

#24 – ESV: Through the Bible in a Year

ESV Through the Bible in a Year

Daily readings from the ESV include passages from the Old Testament, New Testament, and Psalms.

There you have it! Our recommended audio Bible podcasts to fit every preference. Glean valuable insights from hosts and guests, and enjoy the fruits of consistent Bible reading.

What’s your favorite audio Bible podcast? Drop a comment and share with us why you like your podcast of choice. We’d love to hear from you!

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