Have you experienced the disconnect between your media volunteer, your worship pastor, and your technology team and hoped that one day, all these moving parts could be unified to work together better?

Many of us who work in the church just keep asking the question, but aren’t sure how to remedy the problem.

You can go on YouTube and find directions on how to set up your live stream. You can engage artists within your church for a special gallery installation. You can speak to the worship director and request special music.

But how can they all function together to better share the cohesive and unifying Gospel of Jesus Christ?

I had the pleasure of speaking with Luke McElroy, founder of the upcoming SALT Conference, which aims at bringing together church media, art, technology and worship leaders all in one place in Nashville on October 21-23, 2015.

SALT is more than a conference. It’s a movement of people desperate to rebuild the creative walls of the church, not for the sake of marketing, but the sake of engaging people with the contagious Gospel of Jesus Christ.

What began in 2013 with a humble 200 people is now becoming a movement.

“It’s been a vision that our team had been sitting on for years. We asked, ‘What if creative arts in the church became a vehicle of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ?'” notes McElroy.

At SALT, technical art directors, creative directors, film makers, script writers, storytellers, and worship leaders are able to view and acquire tools to see their craft as a vehicle of 21st century to show people Christ.

This year, nearly 600 people will be attending. Clearly McElroy and his team are onto something big.

“We want to marry the technical with the creative and take a closer look at the philosophy side of it all,” McElroy adds. “This year, we’re going to talk about being unique in a world where you’ve got to create something new. Are we comparing or creating? What honors God? Most breakouts and main sessions will be taking a closer look at these themes.”

Community Groups

One of the highest rated parts of SALT are the community groups. This is where seven to eight conference attendees who have similar roles get together to share, help, support, and offer advice and direction.

“Our community groups are an opportunity to help and be helped. It’s how we ask the Church to be the Church for the Church,” he notes.

The conference itself aims to creatively stimulate through projection all over windows and doors, LED strip tape lights in mason jars as just a few examples. The mere lobby, displays, art installations at to inspire and recharge each person to be the most creative person in your church.

“You just might leave being the idea guy or gal for your church,” McElroy remarks.

SALT has set up a special promo code for $20 off any ticket (even group-rate tickets)
Just use the promo code CHURCHTECHTODAY.

Here are some of the highlights of the conference:

  • Over 45 classes on topics such as stage design, ideation, creative leadership, projection mapping and lighting design.
  • Keynotes include Erwin McManus (Mosaic in LA), Blaine Hogan (Willow Creek) and Alex Seeley (former Planet Shakers)
  • Learn from leaders of Passion City Church, Church on The Move, North Point Community Church, Lakewood Church and more!
  • Community groups—A great place to meet others in similar roles.

Lastly, those who attend SALT are given the option to purchase over 50 hours of HD video of classes from this year’s conference that you can take back home and share with your team for only $99.

Here’s a quick video that helps cast the vision of SALT: