Giving facilitates growth and make ministry possible. We sat down with Kent Woodyard of Mogiv to learn more about how they have a vision for helping churches “‘grow their giving’ by turning computers and mobile devices into channels for generosity.”

How was Mogiv founded and what is the goal of the company?

Mogiv was founded in 2009 by two guys with dual backgrounds in technology and ministry. As area directors for Young Life, they had been frustrated by the lack of easy and effective fundraising platforms for churches and ministries. As former tech entrepreneurs, they knew they could do better. So they did! Mogiv was launched in 2010 with the goal of helping churches “grow their giving” by turning computers and mobile devices into channels for generosity. More of the story is here.

What are the main ways Mogiv seeks to help churches and ministries?

Mogiv is a multi-channel, cloud-based giving solution built from the ground up with churches in mind. Embeddable giving forms, recurring giving, text-to-give, flexible “categories” to designate contributions, on-demand reporting, integration with various church management systems. Better still, we’ve provided all of this without requiring any setup fees, subscription fees, services fees, or contracts. This makes Mogiv an excellent solution for congregations from 15 to 15,000.

Explain how your platform works for churches.

Churches complete a simple signup form on our website, and (typically) we can have them setup and running in under a week. We provide a single line of code which can be copy/pasted onto any page on your website. This allows your givers to give both one-time or recurring gifts right from your churches website. Text giving keywords can be created in minutes. Does your church have an app? If so, we can complete that integration in minutes as well. And speaking of apps…Mogiv’s Facebook app empowers your supporters to give right from your Facebook page as well. One platform…multiple choices for your givers.

How do your solutions work with the existing solutions a church might already be using?

One of the signature benefits of Mogiv is the fact that we can seamlessly integrate alongside of the existing technology you have in place. We don’t think you should have to re-direct your givers to a landing page or to another website to complete their gift. They’ve come to your website or to your Facebook page or to your app. We want them to be able to give right there! Not on our site. We offer easy integration with a host of church management systems – whether through API integration or exportable reports. Also, since Mogiv does not charge ANY startup or subscription fees, it very easy to use Mogiv side-by-side with other systems.

What else would you like people to know about Mogiv?

As proud as we are of our technology, we still think it’s our customer service that sets us above all the rest. With Mogiv, you are getting far more than a giving provider. You are getting a ministry partner who is going to walk alongside of you every step of the way – from signup to launch to year-end statements to whatever’s next. We’ve built our company (and structured our fees) in such a way that we only succeed if YOU succeed. And we bend over backwards each and every day to ensure that you do.

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