We all like easy. Remember the old Staples ‘easy button’ commercials?

Sometimes great solutions are born out of ‘hard’ causing us to create a better option with fewer headaches.

When we sat down with Dean Sweetman, co-founder of Tithe.ly, creating something that was less complicated and more church-friendly was the goal when it came to creating a new online giving solutions:

How was Tithe.ly founded and what is the goal of the company?

Tithe.ly was born out of necessity. I was a pastor for over 20 years. One day in 2014, I was thinking about how the act of giving needed to be easier for churchgoers and church staff so that churches could thrive. I was also seeing the shift in consumer behaviour – watching the rise of mobile usage, mobile payments and the app revolution. So, I ran an idea for mobile church giving by my son (Barnabas, the tech genius). A few weeks later he showed me an early version of what’s known today as Tithe.ly. It was amazing!

We started off by rolling out our mobile giving solution in the church I pastored at. The church was kind enough to be our testbed. We learned a lot and saw how our simple idea could have a dramatic impact on church giving and generosity.

Soon after we rollout out Tithe.ly at my church we began getting requests from friends and other pastors who wanted to give our mobile church giving solution a shot. At that point, we knew we were on to something.

What are the main ways Tithe.ly seeks to help churches and ministries?

We want to help the church go beyond the offering plate and  bring giving into the modern age.

Tithe.ly provides an easy, fast and secure set of giving tools for churches. We started out with a simple mobile app, but as Tithe.ly has grown we’ve added more giving features – web/online giving forms, text to give, admin gift entry, and kiosk giving.

Our mission is simple. We want to advance The Kingdom of God by equipping churches with useful and innovative giving technology that makes a difference. We not only want to make it easier for churches to raise more money but we want to make it admin friendly.

Explain how the giving tools works for churches?

Churches simply sign up for an account and educate members about the giving app, online giving and text giving options. Once that’s done, church members start giving in one of those ways! Simple.

We support one-time and recurring giving with or without an account. That means people can quickly give once or setup an account that enables them to give even faster the next time around. Additionally, givers with an account can manage recurring gifts, see giving history and manage stored card information.

Whether through the app, text or online, it takes just seconds to give using Tithe.ly.

How does Tithe.ly work with the existing solutions a church might already be using?

Churches that use Tithe.ly don’t need any other digital giving tools. We enable churches to do mobile, web, text, kiosk and admin giving all in one place. It’s a one-stop-shop! This is critical because it simplifies life for church administration and IT staff while also bringing many giving options to church members. Churches don’t even need to sign up for a merchant account or start another banking relationship. We cover all of that.

In addition to simplifying everything related to digital giving, we also understand that churches use ChMS platforms to do many complimentary things. With that in mind, we’ve started integrating with ChMS platforms like Church Community Builder, Breeze, Elavon and more.

Beyond those two categories, it’s our goal to make life simple and push technology to the background for churches so we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to bring tools together in ways that serve the church more effectively.

What else would you like people to know about Tithe.ly?

We’re committed Christians and love serving the Church. We desire to see Christ proclaimed around the world and know that the local church is the best way for everyday people to connect with Jesus and have their lives changed by the power of the Gospel. Tithe.ly exists to help church fund their mission.

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