In 1999, Chris Fowler and Free Grafton recognized a challenge within the the church.

Helping people connect and feel like they belong.

As they dreamed of ways to help, they questioned how internet-based tools could help.

At the time, church management software and tools were all connected to a computer at the church. With no web-based interface, staff struggled to share information or work remotely.

The solution…

Church Community Builder

Web-based software that helps churches multiply their efforts by improving how they work.

As pioneers in web-based church management software, Chris and Free changed the face of church management. Their efforts revolutionizing the way churches interact and connect with people.

Church Community Builder 4.1 continues in that tradition. Recently released, it is a move towards a more intuitive software experience. With a goal of allowing you to focus on doing ministry, not software.

Features include..

Church Community Builder Software Design_Post2Dashboards

A central hub where church leaders can look at important numbers and trends within their church. Interactive graphs display giving, attendance and serving metrics, allowing you to see the big picture.

There is also a resource area with blogs, white papers and more, to help you do what you do better.

Scheduled Reports

Some information is meant to be shared. Reports can run automatically and email the information to key leaders on your schedule. Getting the information needed to the people who need it, when they need it.

A Place To ServeChurch Community Builder Software Design_Post

Connecting volunteers is an ongoing challenge. The Serve page allow volunteers to match their gifts, passion and abilities with existing needs in your church.

Easy Online Giving

Giving shouldn’t be difficult, even if its your first time. The new mobile friendly interface streamlines the process and makes its easy. Donors can even give to multiple accounts in the same transaction.

Church Community Builder online registrationAttendance Recording

Gone are the days of circling names or check-marking database entries. Take attendance at your next event with your phone or tablet. Recording attendance just got a whole lot easier.

Profile Updating

Keeping contact information up-to-date is a pain. Group leaders can help with the new update feature.

Ministry leaders need powerful tools to be effective in the work they do.

As long time supporters of ChurchTechToday, I can tell you that Chris and Free understand the power of technology to change lives.

The June 24 release of Church Community Builder 4.1 is no exception.

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