Does your church struggle to get people to engage with church events whether it’s the potluck lunch, the Bible study, or youth group? More and more, text messaging is becoming a wonderful tool to utilize to engage with more attenders. Today, I sat down for a video chat with Broc Seib, Founder of SendTree. SendTree is a new text messaging solution to help churches connect via text messages.

Today's Tech SendTreeWith SendTree, you can send entire church-wide text messages, as well as group text messages for each ministry. They offer a pay by text model with a low $9 monthly fee to cover the phone number, so it’s a viable option for many churches out there from small to large.

For ChurchTechToday readers, SendTree is offering a special code, “CTTBonus” when you sign up for a free trial. This code will give you $5 free when you deposit $50 and $15 free when you deposit $100. The free trial gives you $20 of credits to use anytime as well, so it’s worth testing out to see if this will be a great complimentary solution to your existing church communication strategy.

Text messages are extremely consumable, so it’s a great tool to use for connecting with members without asking them to download an app or open an email,” comments SendTree Founder, Broc Seib.

Watch my interview with SendTree below on YouTube:

To download their free guide, SendTree 101, that covers “How to Use Mobile Messaging to Engage & Inform Your Audience,” click here. This free guide offers text message examples, how-tos, and case studies.