This is the third in our “Today’s Tech” series of Google Hangout interviews with ChurchTechToday sponsors. Kindrid is a company rocking the “giving” boat with a new take on digital giving. Their focus is helping churches use mobile phones for giving via text and in-app giving.

To learn more, watch my interview with co-founder of Kindrid, Leighton Cusack:

Every Kindrid church customers receives the following marketing materials to get going:

  • Customized slides,
  • Customize contact card (for emailing out)
  • Customized printable cards
  • Video explaining how to make a first gift
  • For all of the above, we provide both the finished files and the design files. Meaning, church’s can take and customize as they’d like
  • Videos of other churches rolling out
  • Examples of website integration instructions,
  • Our “5 Keys to Rollout Success Guide”
  • Our church software integration guides when applicable

Additionally, every church will have the following basic engagement from the Kindrid team:

  • Initial welcome email
  • 7 day pre-rollout phone call
  • 14 day email check-in
  • 30 day email or phone check-in
  • 60 day email check-in
  • 120 day email check-in
On top of this, Kindrid also offers  free support via phone and email and they are happy to help out churches with any of their other requests.
Even if you already have a church management software solution (ChMS) in place, Kindrid works as an additional feature to increase giving via text giving. It’s a win-win for churches and givers.