Despite thinking most of the World we live in embrace the Internet with many people using it on a daily basis on their mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. You will be surprised that out of the 7 billion people who inhabit the Earth just 2.4 billion actually use the Internet. What’s even more jaw-dropping is that 1.7 billion of the Internet’s users come from Asia, which shows that they have positively adopted this technology.

So what do we use the Internet for?

Well it’s no second guessing that social media tends to be up there at the top and every 60 seconds 72 hours of YouTube video is being uploaded, which really shows you the extent of the YouTube platform as it continue to grows. Especially if you look at the stat showing over half of the traffic on the Internet is that of media streaming and file sharing. It shows us that people have a lot to share and a lot to see, from family photos to family videos it’s a great way to share previous memories with relatives that live in other countries.

Now here’s for the science… the Internet requires as much as 50 million horsepower in electricity and takes 2 billion electrons to produce just one solitary email, so you can imagine what kind of stats we are talking if you take into account that billions are sent each day.

And talking about communication, I hear you ask where does dating sites fit into the Internet these days? The truth is that dating sites are a massive part of the overall make-up of the Internet with more and more people looking at using this safe and simple way of getting to know other people. However, with that said you probably had no idea that online dating sites generate over one billion dollars each year, and that is just in the USA.

What does this show us? A lot of you are looking for love and the Internet is helping you to find it.