As churches continually look for ways to speed up the check-in process, Elexio is taking integration one step further with mobile check-in. The new system integrates the ChMS database, mobile app, and check-in software for faster and more convenient check-in.

Elexio’s mobile check-in can operate in either attendee or administrative mode.

Elexio Debuts Mobile Check-InIn the car on the way to church, mom can check the entire family in from the free mobile app. Each person is only eligible to check into the designated class, and the express option allows everyone to check in with one simple step. All they need to do once they arrive is scan the confirmation barcode at any available kiosk—their nametags will print, and check-in is complete.

Churches can also station volunteers at the entrances to quickly take attendance using a tablet as people walk through the door.

The streamlined process eliminates congestion at check-in areas and can cut down on the number of check-in stations needed.

Mobile check-in will work even if the kiosks are running offline. Unlike most systems, Elexio’s check-in is web-based but can also work locally on a desktop or kiosk without internet access.

So whether a church is hosting an outdoor event or moving the kid’s ministry to an obscure room wi-fi would never reach, the system will run and information will sync once there’s an active internet connection.

Elexio provides the only church software solutions that fully integrate church management, website CMS, check-in, giving, and a mobile app into one system. The intuitive solutions help churches effectively manage membership, contributions, events, and much more. Learn how to CONNECT with your community, ENGAGE them in discipleship, and GROW deeper and wider.

Does your church use mobile or kiosk check-in for child check-in or attendance yet?