Listening is one of the hardest skills to master – whether in person or online. Social listening is a somewhat new term related to social media measurement, defined by WikiPedia as “active monitoring of social media channels for information about a company or organization, usually tracking of various social media content such as blogswikisnewssites, micro-blogs such as Twittersocial networking sites, video/photo sharing websites, forums, message boards, blogs and user-generated content in general as a way to determine the volume and sentiment of online conversation about a brand or topic.” Bottom line: Churches needs to be listening not only to what is said about their organization, but how people are interacting with their members, brand, and programs through both online and offline conversations. Social Listening Stats of Note:

  • 22% of marketers were using social listening strategies in 2013 and 24% plan to do so in 2014.
  • Only 31% of marketers think their social listening is fully effective.

How does your church social media and communication team plan to effectively listen to its congregation via social media?