You might ask friends, you might scribble down a church name as you drive by, or you might even pull out the Yellow Pages or Google “churches in my town.” No matter what method, it can be hard finding the right church for your family when you move to a new town or if you’re looking to find a faith community for the first time.

Faithstreet AppThat’s why FaithStreet was formed: to help people connect with their local faith community. Faith Street is a new community both online and in app form. It’s free for churches to join and list their church, so jump on right now and list your church.

We did a brief interview with Sean Coughlin from FaithStreet to ask them about how their new service can help:

My cofounders and I started FaithStreet a few years ago with the simple goal of helping people find a great, local church. Today, over 13,100 churches have joined FaithStreet. There are dozens of sites that help people connect with restaurants, dentists, movies, vacations and dates – so we think there should be a great site that helps people find great churches. It’s easy and free to get your church signed-up. Just go to”

FaithStreet is a for-profit with a very strong social mission. Their mission is to help people find meaning in community.

A few months ago, we began to help these communities increase giving, both through online tools and best practices consulting. More about our online giving can be found at our website.”

Today, FaithStreet works with Protestant, Orthodox and Catholic churches. FaithStreet is in the process of expanding to serve congregations from other faith traditions. In the future, FaithStreet will also include groups like Bible studies, campus ministries, faith-based nonprofits and more.

How does your church use the internet to help people find your weekly services?