Out of the gates before the first quarter 2014 is even over come two new church technology books that help shed light on  church social media and how digital communication affects churches of the 21st century.

Up first is Brandon Cox, a friend and champion who helped me redesign CTT a few years back. I’m super impressed with his new book and love the way he desires to help churches in tangible ways. Secondly, Justin Wise, a social media guru that extends within and beyond the church market, has just teed up his first book on social media and the church. Congrats to both Brandon and Justin!

Below are links to podcasts with each author along with Amazon links to purchase pages for each book. Happy Reading!

Book #1

Rewired: How Using Today’s Technology Can Bring You Back to Deeper Relationships, Real Conversations, and the Age-Old Methods of Sharing God’s Love

Here’s a Podcast from Social Media Church with Brandon on his new book. 


If God’s desire to enlarge His family matters…
If the church of the future matters…

If the gospel still matters…

We must embrace the changes that are happening in our world. 

There is no going back. Our world is changing at an unprecedented rate. We are connected with people all over the planet through technology that didn’t even exist ten years ago. The world around us is having a conversation about life, meaning, culture, and eternity, and we have an amazing opportunity not just to join the conversation but also to lead it.

But too many in the church are struggling to keep up with this cultural shift and failing to use these communication tools to their full advantage. In Rewired Brandon Cox demonstrates the real, connecting power in online social networks, showing you how to connect and tell God’s story relationally and creatively in our social, digital age.

Because the thing is, social media isn’t an escape from the real world. It is the real world, whether we are ready for it or not. And this shift we are seeing toward a more mobile, social environment is actually a return to the form we were created for: to be in relationships, to have conversations, and to share our stories–and God’s–with each other.

Book #2

The Social Church: A Theology of Digital Communication by Justin Wise

Here’s a Podcast from Social Media Church with Justin on his new book.

Every other societal building block has been disrupted by the shift toward social media. Why would we think the church should be any different? Churches can choose to become interactive as a church or we can choose to fade further into the cultural background. The choice is up to us.

socialchurch-ebook-ipadThis book is for Christians who advocates for social media in their churches. It’s for pastors and ministry leaders who want to understand what social media is and why it’s crucial for the survival of local churches. It’s for Christians who want to be on the right side of history, leveraging new technologies to further the Kingdom of God.Justin Wise contends that social media is this generation’s printing press-a revolutionary technology that can spread the gospel further and faster than we can imagine.

Are you ready to think theologically about digital communication? Are you ready to adapt your methods to share the Message that never changes?

If you’ve already read either of these books and would like to leave your two cents below, I invite you to do so. If you have another church technology book to recommend, please speak up!


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