We want to set you up for success on Pinterest, so we have come up with some great Pinterest ideas for your church to use it well. Note that some of these ideas are perfect for large churches and others setup for small churches.

1. Gear your Blog or Website to Visual Incorporation

Every website needs to have a visual element and if your image is optimized for Pinterest, then you are most likely improving your site that much more. That being said, the image is not merely a “cherry on top,” but a near primary focus of the article that deserves your time and energy. It is not uncommon for a blogger to spend as much as 40% of their time on the image. Make it big, prominent, and a key part of your story. A great image can drive content and reach readers effectively.

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2. Find How-To’s for Improving Your Church’s Visual Identity

Pinterest is the perfect place to improve your stage’s designs, make your children’s ministry a warmer place for the kids, and give you the perfect vacation bible school set design that will wow all participants. Even better, it is more than just design inspiration as Pinterest is full of Do-It-Yourself projects and how-to tips. Get creative and be open to new ideas.

Pinterest Board3. Embrace Creativity, Make it a Ministry

You have so many different pockets of creativity and inspiration within your church, why not share that with everyone on Pinterest and brand it with your church? Your church loves potlucks? Post the end product of your food, share the recipe on a blog post, and engage with your congregation and other churches. Have an artist that designed parts of your church, the stage, or visual elements of the tech portion of Sunday morning? Post that too. In fact, you have the ability to have a creative ministry for those that have the experience or are wanting to become a little more creative, all for the purpose of sharing the beauty of God and glorifying Him.

4. Repin Others Frequently

Developing a network of people is more than just following their boards to show that you are engaging with your followers. While comments and likes are appreciated, consider developing a stronger sense of online community by sharing church’s pins that you are following, congregation members images, and your church’s staff’s posts. Go beyond expectations of pinning once a week and take 10-15 minutes of skimming through your feeds to repin different pins that you love and show your appreciation for their work.

5. Share your Sunday Slides and Announcements

If your church takes technology seriously, then you are surely doing announcement slides before your service or video announcements that you may have shared on YouTube. With the high frequency of repins on Pinterest in addition to a carefully curated network of followers from your congregation and community, a single post can get put in front of numerous faces instantly via your Pinterest network.

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Is your church already making good use of Pinterest? What advice would you add to this list?