There’s free, and then there’s Open. Yes, Open from the folks at If you haven’t checked out this website filled with incredible ministry resources, take a moment and go there right now.

Six years ago, launched Open to begin sharing resources freely with other churches. Now, after giving away millions of resources to church leaders all over the world, their passion for equipping the Church is only stronger.

They recently announced a new Open site that makes finding helpful materials easier and faster than ever.

Open is available to pastors, church leaders, and ministries worldwide to give access to an entire library of materials.

Materials include outlines from a variety of message series, complete with corresponding promotional graphics, broadcast-quality videos, and much more. And every bit of it is free – just browse the site, find any resource that’s helpful to you, and set-up a login to download the resources. just asks that content is used in a non-commercial application in which the overall mission is to lead people to Christ. That’s absolutely it.

Whether you’re the pastor of a church plant, small group leader, kidmin facilitator, or youth pastor, there are resources on Open to help you.

What free ministry resources do you rely on?