Whether you’re a for-profit company, a nonprofit charity, or a church, email marketing has been and continues to be one of the most effective ways to communicate with you audience–above and beyond even social media.

Thanks to some recent reports in the marketing world, the word “crushing” was the word of choice of Marcus Wohlsen in this story (click) about email for Wired.

Customer acquisition and retention platform Custora monitors customer acquisition and lifetime value by marketing channel. In their recently published 2Q 2013 report (see it here), two of the top findings were about the strength of email marketing.

VideoEmailROI-BenefitsAnother recent study by The Relevancy Group sponsored by Stream Send reported a 40% increase in monthly revenue from video email. They surveyed nearly 300 marketing executives about email marketing and video email marketing and found increased click through rates, duration of reading, forwarding and sharing, as well as conversion–all increased because video was included in the email message.

BombBomb video email marketing is one of the few companies out there that specifically serves the church market with video email, so if you’re looking to get started with video email or simply begin a church email newsletter, they come highly recommended. I use them for my ChurchTechToday email list, which you can subscribe to here.

Below is an infographic that further details helpful information for email marketing. While running a church is distinctly different than running a small business, there are many similarities and takeaways.

Small Biz Guide to Email Marketing Infographic