We want to set you up for success on Google+, so we have come up with some great Google+ ideas for your church to use it well. Note that some of these ideas are perfect for large churches and others set up for small ones.

1) Stream Your Church Service Over Hangout

You may think of Google+ Hangout more as just a video chat feature, but over 340 active million people are on that social network and it is a great platform for transmitting video and audio to a huge audience. If you have thought about wanting to stream your church’s Sunday service but do not like the cost of the streaming services out there for the few people that may see it, you may want to consider doing an alternative with Google+. While you are limited in total options for streaming, (i.e. smaller resolutions) it is a free service to hit a huge population of people and test out if you want to move to more corporate solutions or simply stay cost effective with the hangout option.

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2) Increase Your Google Local Awareness

Simply being on Google Local is not enough anymore and a positively viewed account (many +1s, comments, and reshares) can actually help you get found more on Google’s Local feature meaning more bodies through the door. Create your Google+ page for your church, fill out all of the About Us section thoroughly (including your address) and let your congregation know you are on there. When people leave +1s, comments on posts, and give you different ratings on Googe Locals, you will begin to quickly climb in search results. So when a new visitor first goes online to find out about your church or someone just moves into your area and looks for churches, they will see the good words about your church or know what it is you believe and teach, thus getting a few more feet into the church doors.

3) Bible Study Hangouts

Numerous churches have begun to break down the barriers of distance or inconvenience for their Bible studies or small groups. Whether it is a single mother that cannot attend because of their sick child, a snow storm that makes traveling dangerous, or distances too far to drive for a one hour Bible study, we now can do more. Have a pastor or church leader lead a meeting/bible study and broadcast it via Google+ Hangouts on Air and YouTube. If you like you can have up to 10 people who can actually interact with the pastor during this broadcast in addition to watching. Invite special speakers to do a quick 10-minute talk or a missionary to join their home church. Other churches have introduced Hangouts for the elderly who want to continue participating but simply cannot make it. The possibilities here are immense.

4) Find A New Community

The Google+ network has fully embraced the understanding of working within a community, helping others out, inspiring each other, and encouraging each other when times are not easy. As we discussed above, Google+ has a full host of active people, including pastors and church leaders. Encourage a group of people to connect on the community to discuss similar problems you may have about your areas of ministry, equip others with great resources, and just be present while others are present with you. I created a group called Church Tech that at the time of this writing has over 1,200 people with posts and replies every single day. We network, get new, creative ideas, and support each other when problems come up.

5) Become An Authority

This social network is just coming into its own and with the previously discussed AuthorRank and active community, your church and church leaders have the opportunity to become an authority on any and all things Christian. Whether it is improving your search engine optimization and getting push further up on the Google Search results or the premiere group that discusses theological issues, the opportunity is just waiting for you to claim it. Go make a strong presence within communities, on like-minded people’s posts, and your own entries to be a great Christian both online and when you log off too.

The promises of Google+ simply are too great to turn away and these five ideas can help you hit the ground running.

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What would you add to the list?