There are many advantages to have a church app: from audio to video to easy giving capabilities, and now push notifications. You know, those fun little “pop-up” reminders that appear to prompt you to read your YouVersion Bible study or calender reminders of that upcoming dentist appointment.

Push Notifications Help You Connect

Push Notifications allow you to contact your app users on their mobile devices without having to keep a long database of all their personal information. If someone downloads your app on their device and enables push notification, you’re guaranteed to reach them 100% of the time with a quick and simple message. Push notifications are much different than email newsletters which are hardly ever (never) read. If used properly, push notifications prove more effective than spending extra money on a texting service.

Roar has designed hundreds of church apps with success and continues to improve apps for churches and nonprofits at a price point that won’t break the bank.

Does your church have an app yet?