I have seen a lot of top X lists out there with “the best apps” to do ministry, yet it would seem that these lists were generic in nature and did not help senior pastors, youth pastors, laymen, small group volunteers, and others do better ministry so much as the common iPhone/iPad owner to be more organized and productive. While that in and of itself is a good thing (and you will see a couple of them on this list below), you need to have things that can help you serve the church and community better.

Thus, the list below is no ordinary Top 10 list, but a specific 10 iOS apps that you should consider downloading so that you can minister better. Each suggestion comes with a link to the product, its cost, and a brief description of why it will help you do better ministry. This last part is what separates it from all other lists. Enjoy this list of 10 iOS apps to do better youth ministry.

1) Starbucks (Free)

I do not know a single youth worker who lives near a Starbucks and has not somehow utilized it for one-on-one meetings with students, volunteers, or other ministry people. Perfect for you to get a card from the church and then have those deep conversations while sipping an Iced Vanilla Latte.

2) WaveUth Network (Free)

This app is designed specifically for the youth worker. It has everything that the youth worker or small group leader of teens who needs an extra creative idea for ministry. It comes with sermon and game ideas, perfect for those on-the-go, last minute change of plans moments and something you need on your iOS device.

3) Cards (Free)

This app allows you to use a photo on your iOS device, create a postcard with your own custom text, and send it anywhere you want. The cost to print and send it is high, but for relational ministry to tell a volunteer “Thanks for serving!” or capturing a student leader serving well and showing parents this may be the best thing to happen to your ministry!

4) Game Show Soundboard (Free)

Make up front games a little flashier and much more entertaining for the teens. Comes with beeps, buzzes, boos, crickets, and crowds cheering.

5) Rory’s Story Cubes ($1.99)

Ever been stuck with only a couple of students at small group and not want to give the lesson? This app is perfect for you to hook up to a projector in front of a large crowd or pass around a small group of teenagers to keep the fun going.

6) Wunderlist (Free)

This app is perfect for your organization and comes highly recommended (more so than Things or the iOS default Notes) and something a youth worker needs to have. We are constantly fighting the bad rap of being too relational and forgetting deadlines for senior pastors and board members. No more with this app.

7) Evernote (Free)

While I myself and not an Evernote junkie, I know SO MANY youth workers who use this app three or four hours a day. They write their sermons on here, collect illustrations and games, and even write blog articles with this. The must have for anyone needing one central location for their writing and creative thinking needs.

8) Bufferapp (Free)

Of all the social media iOS apps out there, this one is the best. Use this to schedule posts at the ideal time so that you can network with other youth workers or post events that are coming up on your ministry’s Facebook page. Set it and forget it!

9) Daily Light ($1.99)

While I always promote to youth workers to not use electronics with the Bible (that’s a whole other blog post!), I do love the idea of a daily devotional on your phone. Not many people walk around with a devotional book in their hands at all times, but we do have our phones and when we are waiting for a late appointment or showed up early to a meeting (what?! it could happen!), you may want to simply rest your soul with a quick devo.

10) iMovie ($4.99)

Youth workers are always taking videos and photos from their phone, so why not harness that power during some off time, make a quick video and show it at the next youth group or church service and wow people?!

This is my top ten list. What would you add to this list specifically to help a youth worker do better ministry?