We want to set you up for success on Twitter, so we have come up with some great Twitter ideas for your church to use it well. Note that some of these ideas are perfect for large churches and others setup for small ones.

1) Make Your Own Church Hashtags

twitter-bird-white-on-blueHashtags are designed to network people together, so why not come up with your own hashtag for your church and maybe even a special one for an upcoming event. Some ideas for this could start with #1stPresChicago or #UMCNYC and include service times and a sermon video promotional or maybe a link to your church’s blog post about the upcoming sermon. If you are doing a special event, use the previous hashtag you came up with for your church along with a special event hashtag like #AfricaMissions or #ChristmasService. Be creative with what you come up with but know that a hashtag has to be crystal clear on what you are communicating yet super short because you are so limited on characters for the message that goes with the hashtag. When you come up with one, be consistent and frequent about how you use it.

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2) Live Tweet Verses and Quotes

Sermons were meant for both worship and evangelism and Twitter offers an instantaneous opportunity for congregation members to tweet out verses and sermons while preaching is going on. You may want to encourage them from time to time to sign on to their accounts, use the hashtags listed above, type in a quote from the sermon or Bible verse, and send out a tweet to the world. This simple act may get a few people in your service to begin to have conversations with friends and family about their faith and even an invite into your church doors. It certainly is not difficult and in just a few seconds, a couple hundred tweets could be floating out there about the Word of God.

3) Tweet Vine Video Teasers

Vine was just recently acquired by Twitter and allows users to make a quick six-second video for you to then post on Twitter. This may be the perfect time to use your iPhone or iPad and take a quick video of a promotional or web series you are doing for the church. If you are doing reconstruction on part of the church give them a six-second view of the place. Maybe you want to give a six-second invite to the next Sunday or Wednesday night services. Whatever it is, make it count.

4) Tweets In A Bulletin

We have shared a large selection of topics to tweet about which is great for engaging with people already connected. To make this even more broad reaching and connecting with people in your community more, encourage your congregation members to send out tweets too, whether it is posting an already written tweet on a powerpoint slide during your Sunday sermon and having people live tweet it from the pews or putting it in the bulletin with the hashtags. The idea is a boilerplate where you simply write out a 140-character tweet and have everyone else send it for you. This encourages people who have an account to get the message out there without worrying what they would have to write.

5) Live Tweet Pollings

There are several great applications out there that allow you to collect tweets from various specified accounts or hashtags and run a loop of them on presentation software. Before a Sunday service or youth group begins while congregation members and visitors are coming in and sitting in their pews, take unofficial polls on different things for your church. Some days they can be funny and goofy trivia games about random stuff, other times you can actually survey the crowd about which charity should receive tithing money next month or what web seminar they would like to have done at your church next quarter. The results will automatically be updated on the screen as tweets come in for people to see on the projection screen.

Hopefully these five tips can get you up and going with your own church’s Twitter account right away.

<<Click to Download Our Twitter for Churches Quick Guide as a PDF>>

What would you add to the list?