Some of the biggest questions that I am asked about blogging, both for personal bloggers and churches, is how many times they should post an article a week, what kind of blogging styles they should use, and what they should write about. While we are not going to tell you what to write (though you can get 10 ideas here), we are going to share some thoughts on general topics and why you should or should not post it. Consider it to be in addition to the infographic below.

Hot Button Topic Without Empathy

One of the biggest ways to turn people off from your church is to talk about a hot button topic and not add empathy into it. I am not saying to avoid hot button topic, but you also need to know that ANYONE can read these posts. If you want to talk about abortion, consider the fact that people who have recently aborted a child maybe reading it as well as those that are die-hard against abortion. How do you write a great article and be empathic as well as theologically sound? Keep all of that in mind.

Don’t Be Boring

This is an easy thing to say but a hard thing to combat. How do you continue to be creative all of the time? My thought process? I simply ask myself and am brutally honest, “Would I can about reading this?” Be honest and do not short change your audience.

Remember Your Audience

Is this blog for new visitors or current church members? If it is the latter, why are you wanting to post it on your blog and not just share before the Sunday service? If it is for the former, is your article communicating an inviting environment that will encourage people to come? You may want to include a link to when you have services and where you are located at on every one of those types of posts.

Are You Adding Value?

This is a general blogging question that is not on the flowchart below, but necessary for bloggers and churches. How does this help the Church or is it simply entertainment? Know that you are wanting to spur on the Spirit, encourage people to join Bible studies, and come through the doors of your church time and again. Not considering the true value of a post may make your church’s blog stale and worthless.

To Post Or Not To Post Infographic

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What one post are you proud of your church or pastor writing recently? Share it in the comments and why it is the best.