One of the big up and coming social media networks that churches need to keep on their radar is Google+. If you have any vested interest in getting your church on Google for being an authority on religious topics, letting local non-members hear about your church, or reach an audience of people that is fairly untapped, you may want to consider going all in with Google+. The infographic below is designed to persuade businesses to join and you should definitely read it, but we are going to translate the ideas into a church context for you too.

The Harvest Is Plenty, But The Workers Are Few

There are 135 million active users, many of which may be looking for a church to invest in and yet the number of churches successfully using Google+ is significantly low.

Google+ Can Influence Your Search Rank

When someone searches for churches in your hometown, you can actually move up on that list, simply by networking well on G+. That in and of itself is worth thousands of dollars!

Your Church Can Be Found Locally

Simply being on Google Local is not enough anymore and a positively viewed account (many +1s, comments, and reshares) can actually help you get found more on Google’s Local feature meaning more bodies through the door.

Google+: What

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So what are you waiting for? Go get on Google+ today!

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