If you’re in youth ministry, you’re aware of the fact that using smartphone apps can be a great way to get technology working for you in positive ways. Back in September, CTT shared with you an article to help for those that have iPhones: 10 apps to Help Improve Youth Ministry.

There’s just one problem with the article, it’s all about iOS! There’s no Android love – so here is a complementary article to help those of you who use a phone with the Android operating system.

Below are the apps listed out with links to the Google Play store to allow you to grab them for yourself.

1. Starbucks – (Free)The Starbucks app allows you track you Stars and pay for drinks and food right from your phone. Many a teen have met with youth pastors at Starbucks.

2. WaveUth Network – (Free) This app helps youth pastors comes up with sermon series, games and ideas along with youth ministry resources.

3. Mobile Champs Greeting Cards – (Free) This is a handy little app that will allow you to send e-greeting cards right from your phone. Follow up with some encouragement as you walk alongside your high schoolers.

4. Game Show Soundboard – ($.99) Host your own mini-game show. If you haven’t held a game show and you are in youth ministry, you are missing out.

5. Over 750 Brain Teasers – (Free) Great way to kill the time if you have a couple of students and nothing to do. Builds community and fun.

6. Wunderlist – (Free) Great way for youth pastors to stay organized and keep up with everything you have to do. (Your senior pastor will thank you.)

7. Evernote – (Free) Evernote is key for keeping track of notes, ideas, and well, virtually everything.

8. Bufferapp – (Free) Buffer is the best way to share on Twitter for Android, Facebook, LinkedIn and App.net from news apps like Flipboard, Zite, Taptu, TweetDeck, Evernote, Pocket, Instapaper, Pulse, Feedly, Google Currents and any other Google Reader app. With Buffer you also get Twitter analytics, Facebook analytics and LinkedIn stats.

9. Daily Light – (Free) Great way to stay inspired with daily Bible verses and inspiration.

10. AndroVid Pro Video Editor – ($1.99) Take, edit, splice and spruce up videos to put on your YouTube Channel or send in video emails, like through BombBomb.com. Simple tool, lots of editing capabilities.

Thanks to Stuart Dyckhoff at ChurchTechy for his contributions to this article.

Lauren Hunter is a freelance writer, church technology PR consultant (http://lhpr.net) and founder of the blog ChurchTechToday (http://ChurchTechToday.com), Technology for Today’s Church.