In just three short months, Clover has experienced really great success with its new Clover Donations offering. That hasn’t stopped them from improving what they offer – and a shortened, more straightforward application process has been achieved. No one likes long, complicated forms to fill out, right?

From the moment we started creating Clover Donations, we’ve been committed to making the process of getting your merchant account as easy as possible. As many of you may know, applying for a merchant account is a lot like applying for a credit card, and merchant processors always require a lot of info before they issue an account. That’s why our merchant partner’s original application was so robust.

Clover announced that because their customers have been so trustworthy, and have had a great relationship with BluePay, they’ve been able to work with them over the last month to streamline the entire merchant account application process – making signing up even faster and easier. Now churches can just fill out the simplified merchant application form online, and they’ll automatically be notified once you’re approved and ready to accept donations.

Kudos to Clover for making the process simple and easy. That’s what churches like.

If your church uses online donations, I’d love to hear what solution you use and how it’s working for you. Please share!

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Lauren Hunter is a freelance writer, church technology PR consultant ( and founder of the blog ChurchTechToday (, Technology for Today’s Church.