Are you looking for a way to spice up that quarterly financial report to your church membership? How about that summer leadership conference you’re going to speak at? Prezi is one of the newcombers on the block worth checking out in the “I can do better than PowerPoint” generation in which we live.

According to WikiPedia, Prezi was developed by a Hungarian architect as an architectural visualization tool. It is a completely cloud-based presentation software and storytelling tool for exploring and sharing ideas on a virtual canvas.

Prezi is the easiest way for me to build a presentation,” notes Matt McKee, CEO of, church app and church social strategy. It is thought-based instead of slide-based which makes you think differently as a speaker which in turns makes your audience receive information differently.”

Matt often uses Prezi to lead workshops and breakouts at conferences. He feels it is a great way to integrate videos, ideas, products, and stats into a presentation.

I do like it better than Slideshare because it is not based on slides. With Prezi you get a presentation mat of sorts that you put your content on and zoom around the mat to discover what your topic is about. It works great with a mind mapping framework and is very easy to follow. The genius for me behind the product is the animations that come with Prezi. You mark which idea comes first, second, third, ect.. and Prezi takes it from there, zooming in and out and keeping the audience engaged.”

Most recently, Matt led several sessions on social media at the Orange Conference. Both of the presentations below have been designed with Prezi. Matt offers much wisdom for how your church can improve and enhance its social media presence.

Presentation 1: I don’t have time for social media

Presentation 2: What is your brand?

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Lauren Hunter is a freelance writer, church technology PR consultant ( and founder of the blog ChurchTechToday (, Technology for Today’s Church.