Having a printed church directory at your fingertips might seem like something of the past with newer church technologies that make it possible for church members to search for member info online; however, I can think of a handful of reasons why it is nice to have a printed church directory from time to time, like when I want my kids to plan their own playdates or I can remember kids’ names, but don’t know the parents. Or I remember what someone looks like but can’t remember their name.

CCB's Church Directory Report

I asked several of our church management software site sponsors to share just how easy it is to print a church directory from their church software systems:

Church Community Builder (CCB)

To print a picture directory from within CCB, follow these simple steps:

1) Select the group from which you’d like to populate the directory.

2) Within that group, click the “Reports” tab and then “Print a picture directory.”

3) A preferences dialog box will appear. Select the appropriate preferences for your directory then click “Create Directory.” That’s it!

Roll Call

Roll Call's Church Directory Report

Roll Call church software, by By the Book, has four types of church directories pre-defined in the software.  The classic directory includes member’s names, primary address and home phone number.  Their standard directory gives the user more flexibility as to what information is included in the directory.  The user defines the size and font, how many columns are included in the directory and what information will be included on the directory.  The picture directory includes 12 pictures per page and lists the family members’ names and can also include address, phone and email information.  Finally, Roll Call can print a group directory.  For example if a church wants a directory of all its choir members they create a directory for that group.

The steps to create these directories are similar.  First you will expand the Directory menu and choose the type of directory you wish to print.  The next step for the standard directory is to choose the information that will be displayed in the directory.  Finally the user will need to pick “who” will be included in the directory.  This can be done by choosing certain associations (membership type) or querying the database for the folks churches would like to include in the directory.  Once you have defined this information, click PRINT to send the directory to the printer.  Roll Call prints directories on letter size paper.  If churches prefer a booklet sized directory, they can print using a tool called Clickbooks.

If you use a different church software package, I’d love to hear if you use the print directory reporting feature and how frequently you print directories for your congregation. Thanks!