Proclaim, the new church presentation tool from Logos Bible Software, now allows users to easily make presentations by importing prepared services from Planning Center Online.

This integration eliminates the tedious work of having to duplicate the service from a plan to a presentation. It connects accounts so users can view every planned service within their Planning Center Online account—while Proclaim generates a presentation with one click.

We are excited about the Planning Center Online integration in Proclaim,” said Planning Center Online Owner/Developer Jeff Berg. “This is a great step towards making Sunday morning even easier. With your service plans in Planning Center, you can now start a presentation in Proclaim simply by connecting your account.”

Proclaim’s cloud-sharing features offer more benefits after the service is imported to make a presentation. Church team members in a Proclaim group can now edit presentations from multiple locations and see exactly what the final product looks like.

In addition to pulling in all service order items to create slides, Proclaim lets users populate a presentation with song lyrics stored in any service in a Planning Center Online account. Giving users the ability to import service plans and easily create church presentations keeps Proclaim on the cutting edge as a key resource for pastors, worship leaders, volunteers and church staff to share their messages across the globe.

Proclaim Church Presentation Software is the simple, collaborative answer to Sunday morning presentations. Proclaim allows entire teams to access and edit presentations from any computer throughout the week, and interacts with Logos 4, CCLI SongSelect and Planning Center Online accounts, as well as mobile devices in the congregation.

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