There are a lot of conferences out there to choose from in the Church world, to say the least. But if you’re a church media guy (or gal), church tech, church IT, church artist, or church worship leader, it looks like ECHO is probably one of the best conference out there to head off to. 

I’m thinking that you might have to be cool to go to this conference, but hey, it’s church, so if you’re not really cool–good news–you can still attend! People will still like you! But do leave your fanny pack, your Blackberry, and your Mom jeans at home.

But seriously, ECHO 2012 has a great speaker line up including: Tony Hale, Scott Williams, John Saddington, and Justin Wise and quite a few others.

If you’re looking to be refreshed, register now for this conference held in Dallas, Texas on July 25-27, 2012. Now for a funny video . . .