One of the challenges with creating videos for audiences these days is that there are hundreds of different devices that people will consume your video on. From operating systems, to web browsers, to tablets, to smartphones . . . the list goes on and on of what device your members might be watching your video on.

If you aren’t already using video email marketing tools to reach your church members and community through email, on your website, on your Facebook page, and any other social media sites you use, you are missing out. I say this honestly as I have recently begun using video email to reach out to ChurchTechToday readers (click here if you’d like to sign up to get my free ebook and be put on my email list for future “free resources” emails).

I know so many pastors who love being able to communicate personally through short videos sent to their congregation via BombBomb’s email system similar to MailChimp and Constant Contact, but highly optimized for video email.

BombBomb (one of our valued site sponsors) just announced that they’ve changed their encoding procedure, which means that they’ve expanded to 15 file types so that more people on more devices can view your videos with ease:

BombBomb has expanded to 15 file types specific to:

  • Desktops and laptops (high, medium, and low quality)
  • iPhone and iPad (multiple versions each)
  • Android (a specific MP4 flavor)
  • Other and older mobile devices (3GP format)

This significantly increases the customized video experience based on recipients’ devices and connections. They are now delivering higher quality and even high definition (720p) videos to recipients that can support it (powerful devices on fast internet connections). Older devices and slower connections will see a more suitable quality video at the same time (kin to the previous medium-quality delivery).

Here’s a great testimonial video from Rev. Bill McBride in Wisconsin.

iPhone and iPad Video Optimization:

Especially cool is the fact that the iPhone gets 4 types of encoded video and the iPad gets 5 types.

The bandwidth of each device at the time of open is auto-detected, then BombBomb delivers the best video supported on the fly. If the connection starts weak, a lower quality will be delivered.  If the connection improves, it will automatically switch to deliver and higher quality type – on the fly, moment to moment.

iPhone and iPad viewers can also jump to different points in the video more easily than ever before.

So there you have it, just a few more reasons why, if your church hasn’t yet begun using email marketing (and specifically video email marketing) now is a great time.

Lauren Hunter is a freelance writer, church technology PR consultant ( and founder of the blog ChurchTechToday (, Technology for Today’s Church.