Creating a monthly or weekly enewsletter is a wonderful way for churches to harness technology to communicate with their members on a regular basis. If you don’t already have this set up, perhaps it could become a goal to get started in 2012.

It’s been one of my professional goals to build a CTT email newsletter list, and over the holidays, I had the perfect opportunity., who syndicates our content from, offer us a free banner ad in their Dec. 30 enewsletter. I whipped up a free ebook to give away – Top 10 Helpful Church Technology Articles of 2011. This kick started my email list and now there’s no turning back. Click here if you’d like to get the free ebook and be on our list.

One of our site sponsors, BombBomb, does a masterful job of providing video email newsletters to nonprofits, churches, and secular companies, so they were the first place I went to get my enewsletter all set up. I was shocked at how easy it was. They even have live people to walk you through the setup over the phone!

So that said, what are some of the benefits of getting your church’s enewsletter started?

  • To tell stories of lives changed because of the Gospel – capture in words or video
  • To share blessings with church members – list and link to resources, services, or items that are being shared
  • To greet and talk to your members about a particular topic or idea
  • To share links to the pastor’s blog
  • To encourage interaction on the church’s Facebook page
  • To encourage people to give online (include a link to the giving page online)
  • To share info and changes about events
What would you add to the list?