The Barna Group released some very interesting reports this year that pertain to both technology, the Church, and family. I know you’ll find much of this information interesting:

1) Changing Role of Christianity: Americans are struggling to determine how faith, Christianity and church fit into contemporary life. Barna Group explored many aspects of this struggle, including Christian leadership, Americans’ theological views, Christian businesses and brands, and the perceived role of churches.

2) Downsized American Dreams: Americans’ are increasingly willing to accept limitations in life, including changing their spending and savings habits as well as distinguishing needs from wants. The downside: many are also reducing their financial donations.

3) Millennials Rethink Christianity: The Christian community is struggling to remain connected with the next generation of teens and young adults. In particular, the church is “losing” many young creatives (like designers, artists, writers, musicians, and actors) as well as young science-minded students (such as medical students, engineers, biologists and mathematicians).

4) The Digital Family: Technology has become a part of modern life and is deeply embedded in today’s families. Yet, the challenges brought on by technology in the home are not all created by teens. Parents are becoming just as dependent on digital tools.

5) Maximizing Spiritual Change: Most Americans call themselves spiritual people and Christians. Yet, why is spiritual transformation so rare and fleeting? Barna released a major study this year exploring this timeless and timely question.

6) Women Making It Alone: Teenage and young adult women are learning to prepare themselves for a changing social structure. For teens, this means focusing on career now. For young women, this means not expecting to be married until the late twenties, at least.

So there you have it, Barna’s six trends for 2011. Any thoughts or ideas on what 2012 will bring?