For pastors and church communicators, blogging can be a great way to connect with you attenders outside of church. Many church website content management systems offer built-in blog features to make it very simple to write an article and post it in a matter of minutes. 

If you church website is built on WordPress, then the whole site is really a blog, with some pages being static. When I blog here at, I have a simple checklist to help me promote my blog posts.

For pastors who blog, often the only way your audience will find what you’ve written is if you take the link over to where the people are. Below is my process for promoting blog posts that will hopefully help you share what you’ve written with those who need to be encouraged:

1) Set up automatic “pings”. There are a number of websites that you can set up to automatically ping Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or other social media sites every time you blog. I use; a few other options are and You can set the ping up to go to multiple Twitter accounts – like to your church Twitter handle and your personal Twitter handle.

2) Post to your church Facebook page. This is the next step to ensuring your blog post gets read. Head over to your church’s Facebook page and post the link with a short comment like, “Sharing my latest thoughts on how God’s love helps those in need”. If you’ve included another ministry or church in your article, consider posting the article to that group’s Facebook page as well.

3) Post to online communities. If you’re on LinkedIn in any of the pastor groups like Xpastor, Christian Ministry & Church Leadership, or Church Planting, or if you’re in a group on or any of the other hundreds of pastors’ group sites, take a minute to share your post with a couple of these audiences. I prefer not to put every post in every group, but to share a particular post with a specific group as it relates to their interests and so not to “spam” these groups.

4) Schedule Tweets. I adore Hootsuite and use it to schedule many of my Tweets. The online version is great for editing tweets and retweeting other people’s tweets; the app version (I use the Android app) is fabulous for finding new Twitter followers and keeping up while you’re out and about. I usually schedule new blog posts to tweet 2-3 times spread out over a day, and I reword each tweet.

So there you have it, four simple steps to help promote your blog posts. I hope this info was helpful. If you have additional strategies to help promote your blog posts, please leave a comment and share!