It’s undeniable these days that churches should have a written social media policy (or collection of policies for each social media outlet). It’s like the old proverb, “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” With pretty much everyone on one social media site or another, chances are you as a church need to have a plan in place to help guide conduct no matter what site.

There are many resources online available if you Google, “Social Media Policy.” Great differences lie between secular for-profit companies and the Church, but businesses can help lead the way for how to create a social media policy.

My goal today is not to spell out exactly how to put together a policy, but to get you thinking about it. I’m curious to know if your church already has such a policy in place, if you’d be willing to post a comment and share it?

Here are a few resources I came across:

The obvious differences between a secular policy and a policy for church use would be including prayer as a part of your planning and strategy. The social media landscape is still somewhat of a wild west, but through prayer and planning, churches can begin to tame it.

Please leave your thoughts below!