Keeping people connected to their church in order to build relationships and foster growth in the 21st century can and should include many types of technology. For churches, incorporating video into their email communication practices can increase membership retention and help foster a deeper sense of connection when members aren’t physically present at church during the week. BombBomb is one of the few video email marketing services out there offering simple email services to church.

If you had the choice of reading a message from your pastor or watching a short three minute video, you’d choose the video – it’s a no-brainer. People crave the human touch that video provides and churches love the overall simplicity of BombBomb’s video email system. For one affordable price per month ($20 for most), churches can use BombBomb’s simple, elegant system to upload up to 2.5 megabytes (larger than Vimeo and YouTube) of video in over 150 file formats. Pastors and church staff can use any video equipment—from a simple webcam or mobile phone all the way up to HD production equipment—and every kind of video device in between.

“In order to effectively reach people using email marketing tools, it has to be simple and extremely easy to use,” comments Conor McCluskey, Co-Founder and CEO of BombBomb. “We’ve broken down all the barriers in order to simplify the process of sending church video email so that anyone can do it in very little time using the equipment you already have.”

Many of the email marketing competitors out there offer bells and whistles that are unnecessary for churches; BombBomb has simplified and streamlined their email marketing service in order to break down the technical barriers that are often in place when it comes to church technology.

“Once I have created the video, it generally takes between 15-20 minutes to add in text announcement details and send the email out to our church households,” says Carol Davis, Administrative Assistant for The Gathering in Colorado Springs, Colorado. “It is a simple, straightforward process that anyone can easily do.”

With a monthly subscription, churches get full support, full access to the online knowledge base, a host of templates that can be customized for each campaign, and integration with many of the top church management systems (ChMS) including Fellowship One, Church Community Builder, and IconCMO. This integration means that BombBomb automatically updates email contact information in real-time before each campaign goes out, saving churches hours and hours of time usually spent exporting and importing contact data from similar email systems currently on the market.

“Our whole philosophy is ease of use. We’ll bring in a trainer and walk churches through the steps. We often find that once a church gets the process down, it becomes extremely simple for them,” adds McCluskey. “We can walk through the process on the phone or via email. We’re here to help with the video email service any way we can.”

One of the nicest features about using BombBomb is that each customer receives detailed report cards that will demonstrate a return on investment. BombBomb’s efforts are based on your church’s goals—and they are completely measureable so everyone can see what’s really working, what needs improvement, and what needs elimination.

BombBomb offers comprehensive video email services complete with video email templates, video analytics, and auto-responders. The company also offers real-time email and email marketing services where churches can send HTML emails with or without video using the company’s easy editing system that requires no previous technical knowledge.

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Lauren Hunter is a freelance writer, church technology consultant ( and founder of the blog ChurchTechToday (, Technology for Today’s Church.