If you’ve ever been to college, university, or seminary, or even enrolled your child in preschool, you know that these organizations can stand to improve the way they use technology to make these processes more streamlined. Technology has effectively improved the administrative side of just about everything.

Although church and educational institutions often find themselves late-adopters, it’s never too late to install technology solutions that can make taking online registrations, online payments, and online donations easier.

TransactU and EventU from ServiceU are two web-based solutions that Christian colleges and universities use to schedule room reservations without consulting ten different schedules, publish a public events calendar online, take donations to their institutions online simply and easier, and reduce overall administration needed to run a campus.

“Up until using EventU, all events, classes, meetings were coordinated via e-mail and phone calls on paper, Outlook calendar, or someone’s Blackberry,” admits Jim Avery, Associate Vice President & CIO of Union University in Jackson, Tennessee. “Fast forward to today, all administrative assistants and program coordinators on our four campuses have been trained in EventU and can submit requests for space, have it flow to the resource coordinator who approves, and boom, it’s done and on the calendar. Our webmaster takes departmental public events and pushes those to our forward-facing website while other calendar events stay published only to departmental intranet sites.”

“Overall, the pick-up has been deep visibility into the University’s resources, coordination of events among different support units, elimination of multiple phone calls and e-mails to reserve a space, and increased efficiency overall,” Avery adds.

Rowan McLeod at Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas also struggled with school management issues until they implemented TransactU by ServiceU. Now, the institution is able to offer online event registrations for countless dinners, council meetings, and workshops in addition to graduate school registration and customized online fundraising.

“Because all our online donations, many of our registration, and most of our fundraising sales projects are handled through ServiceU, our report and reconciliation process has been simplified,” comments McLeod. “One of the main benefits of TransactU is that we are able to create and launch customized websites in about an hour. The provided transaction reporting tools are very user friendly and customizable with several handy options, such as emailing reports each day or month.”

For more details on how this technology can help your organization, read the full news announcement on features for educational institutions here.

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Lauren Hunter is a freelance writer, church technology consultant (http://laurenhunter.net) and founder of the blog ChurchTechToday (http://ChurchTechToday.com), Technology for Today’s Church.