So I have this burning desire to know of more women in ministry who use technology communication tools on a daily basis . . . No, I’m not a feminist (had a brief brush with it in college, prior to becoming a Christian). It just feels slightly lonely sometimes to not to know of more women out there with a burning passion to reach others through modern advancements: Facebook, Twitter, email, SmartPhones, socially-driven church management systems, online giving . . .

I really believe that regardless of gender, if churches are to draw more people to the Gospel Truth, we have to communicate using tools that people rely on.

Miriam rejoicing

So how about you? If you are a women in ministry and 1) you’re already using technology tools to organize, run, and communicate within your ministry, I’d really love to hear from you and 2) if you’re a woman in ministry who is not sure how to integrate modern communication technologies into what you’re already doing, how can I help your process? and 3) if you’re a dude in ministry and you want to encourage women in ministry in some way, I’d love to get your ‘attaboy.

I’m studying Exodus in my women’s Bible study at church, and love the near-end of chapter 15 when the Israelites make it through the Red Sea and the Egyptians meet their demise as the crashing waves of the sea do them in.

Then Miriam the prophet, Aaron’s sister, took a tambourine and led all the women in rhythm and dance. And Miriam sang this song:

I will sing to the Lord, for he has triumphed gloriously; he has thrown both horse and rider into the sea. Exodus 15: 20-21″

The Lord saves us – even when we don’t expect it, even when we have no ability to recognize the amazingly powerful ways that he works in our lives. This is just as true in my life as it was for Miriam. I rejoice with her and all the collective women of the ages – for we have come through great trial and rejoice at the Lord’s salvation!