Yesterday, I had the pleasure of volunteering at my church to check in kids grades 1-5 using laptop computers and “MyValleySprings” – our Church Community Builder web-based church management system. Using four laptops (many of them four or more years old) and a browser to connect online to our secure CCB site, four volunteers easily checked in all the school-aged kids in a matter of minutes.

I have to say that signing in kids this was is extremely easy! A simple screen gives you one field box to type in the last name of the child. It then pulls up a list of possiblities (for instance, if there are more than one “Smith” family, it will offer you a list of all the Smiths). You then check the box of the correct family and it pulls up a list of all the family members. You check the box of the child or children registering (you can check in all children in one spot, no need to check in at multiple stations) and click “print”. The label printer prints out the parent’s name tags (two on one label, you rip it in half) and the kid’s name tags.

In total, it takes about 20 seconds to check in a child. Talk about EASY!

I’m so excited because I had been encouraging (meeting with, talking with, sending resources, nagging . . .) my church for the last five plus years about 1) using a web-based ChMS system and 2) using that system to do computerized check-in for our 150+ kids each service.

Now that my church has gradually rolled out computerized check-in, everyone loves it and it is so easy for volunteers to use. Several women commented that they don’t use computers very much and it was a piece of cake even for them.

I write this to encourage you – if your church hasn’t yet implemented a web-based ChMS system or computerized children’s registration, you too can make the transition (and it doesn’t have to take five years).

I’ve used a number of ChMS systems, and I have to say that the ease of use with CCB is amazing. Our church is thrilled!!! Kudos to CCB for building a system that even non-computer users can manage to be successful with.