I’ve been noticing the trends in church technology over the past five years or so, and it seems that many software applications, ChMS systems, communication methods, and internet technologies are merging together to a degree. I wonder how churches feel about this convergence of solutions. Do you salivate when you think about going to one company to do church management, online giving, social networking, resource management, and even to build your church website? Or do you believe it’s better to go to individual vendors so that you know you’re going with a company that provides the best solution in each category?

From my time spent in the church market, it seems that the old way is to do one thing, and do it well; the new way is to build several web-based applications that have the capabilities of doing many things well in a integrated way. I’m seeing more and more church technology providers embrace this convergence and hop on the bandwagon. From my vista, it seems like a great plan of action. I love it when everything works together is a seamless way; however, there are potentially some drawbacks.

Those of you reading that oversee or have some input in regards to the technology solutions at your church, what do you think? Would it make life easier if you could “one-stop shop” for technology and administrative solutions? What is your current set up and how is it working for you?