When you make announcements, does anyone hear you? When you preach it, do they listen? When there’s a critical prayer request, do people know about it? How does your church approach and work out its communication plan to its congregation and the community?

I had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Kelley Hartnett at Morning Star Church and Ms. Kem Meyer at Granger Community Church  (both are communications directors at their respective churches) – two “totally rockin'” church communication gals that are making waves in terms of how churches communicate to their audiences.

Some tips that I’ve gathered from these insightful communicators are:

1) Don’t be afraid to use new technologies to enhance face-to-face communications (like social networking, texting, blogging) – Kelley

2) The Gospel is not boring: It’s the most powerful message that we need to communicate to our church family and beyond. -Kelley

3) Lack of funds is no excuse to do a poor job of communications at your church. -Kem

4) Have a stragety for what and how you want to communicate with your congregation. -Kem

5) Know your church audience well enough to build a website that is a reflection of your church culture. This gives people a foretaste of the church experience they’ll get on any given Sunday. -Kelley

6) Stop thinking about brochures and start thinking about objectives and customer service. -Kem

For more tips and insight, you can check out Kem’s really awesome blog at http://kemmeyer.com.