There are, unfortunately, many churches that do not have a website or have a really, really bad web presence. Frankly, there’s no excuse. There are so many church web design firms out there that offer really great tools for very small monthly fees, even free if you have a small church and just want to get started at no cost.

We’ve written about church websites quite a bit, here are a few articles to catch up on if your church could do a better job with its web presence:

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Improve Your Church Website this New Year

What about you? Does your church website suck? Are you just ignoring this fact and hoping that no one will notice? Well, they will. If the whole purpose of having a web presence is the draw people in – new people, members, attenders, youth – how will you ever reach the younger generation if you don’t keep your site fresh and looking good. Most of all, is it purposeful? Share with me, please!